When is it cheaper to travel to Europe?

When is it cheaper to travel to Europe?

Introduction of When is it cheaper to travel to Europe?

The best season to travel to Europe and that it is also considered low season and therefore a very cheap month to travel is precisely the month of October in which we meet and that is the reason why many of my trips to Europe are organized on these dates basically yes bus .

When traveling to Europe in the low season, the ideal is that you travel between vacation periods, that is, between winter and summer vacations, we are going to find two very good periods to travel and so we transfer it to months.

We are talking about when the Christmas vacations end and new year that is to say about the second fortnight of January and until the month of May there we would find a great first period to travel the second would be between the months of September.

First fortnight of December

The first fortnight of December we are still going to find that the prices are cheap and that the High season hasn’t started yet, so it’s important to remove Holy Week, which we’re going to find in the first period, but we know that it varies from year to year.

So that’s why I can’t give you exact dates, but it’s always important that we consider that this It is going to be one of the highest seasons to travel in the year, having said that, they already have the two great periods to travel to Europe.

Where are you going to find cheaper prices? However, I told you from the beginning that for me, precisely the month of October and also the month of September are my favorites to travel in Europe and that is if we compare it with the months of February or March April the weather is usually much better in fact still in the month of September.

Wearing summer clothes

We will find some places where it is still possible to go to the beach we will have long days good sunsets and days where you can enjoy very well still wearing summer clothes especially me I am referring to European countries that are much more located in the Mediterranean area, such as Spain, Italy, France, and, of course.

Portugal is another alternative where we are going to find a much more favorable climate in central and northern Europe, perhaps the situation is not as good without However, in any case, it is going to be a much more stable climate than the one we are going to find when the winter months approach.

As I was saying, in the months of February or March they are usually quite cold and that is the reason why I prefer this season to travel. You can still pack much lighter clothes and you will start to bring some sweaters and jackets depending on the destination.

Increasing our luggage

But You can still avoid bringing thermal clothing or clothing that is too warm, which in the end also ends up increasing our luggage, which if we are looking to travel cheaply can be something against us in these seasons, lodging.

Transportation can be worth up to 50% less than what that they were worth in high season and well that is definitely in our favor and also in terms of the number of people that we are going to meet as many have to go with the school calendar definitely the flow of people is going to be reduced.

The experiences can be much more enjoyable maybe you don’t have to make reservations so far in advance for certain attractions and well This is also going to make logistics a lot easier, so for all those who asked me when the best season is.

Check the holidays

You already know which is my favorite, as well as the two cheapest periods, but this is very important, despite the fact that it can help you a lot these months that I am saying always check the holidays and bridges that are celebrated in the destination to which you are going to go .

Since just as suddenly we do not consider that there are days that for us are not holidays but in the place that we are going to go yes and then precisely those weekends during the week the prices increase a lot or even the accommodation is sold out.

We have to reserve the ones with more if we are interested in going to a party well we already know what is going to be done we book in time and we know that we may have to pay more for this experience but in the end we are going to enjoy it.

Booking accommodation and transport

However sometimes it may be that the celebration gives us exactly the same thing and only choose these days to travel increases the price a lot, so it is better to be informed and know exactly what we are going for and also how far in advance we should reserve both accommodation and transport.

This leads me to another frequently asked question, which is how much time in advance do I recommend booking accommodation and transport? and well, definitely, it is currently more complicated than ever and it is that we had already recommended as established to a certain extent for a long time.

However with the instability that we live with the possible closures of borders, changes in requirements, everything has become very complicated in any case, my advice is as soon as When it comes to accommodation, as long as you can reserve something that can be modified or cancellable.

End up paying practically twice

The sooner you do it, it will be much better because that way you are setting aside your place in the destination you want to visit and if for some reason you cannot go, just look carefully at the conditions and cancellation deadline.

So you don’t finish wasting your money and well, you could book this many months in advance, as I say, it would be the most advisable in the case of transport, you have to be a little more cautious because there is usually not.

So much flexibility, canceling flights or trains or buses are usually much more expensive to the point that sometimes you end up paying practically twice as much as if you bought one of the cheapest ones, so ending up losing your money if you can’t take the trip can be better.

The best prices

If I would tell you to be a little more careful on long-distance trains distance in Europe it is usually recommended to book about three months before to obtain the best prices and it is only important that you read the cancellation conditions .

Because some companies are going to charge you a percentage if they do not show up regarding the issue of planes already either to move between the different countries or to get here and I recommend that you reserve them .

When it is much more sure of the dates of your trip and of course check if you can modify or cancel it but here it is usually a little more complicated so it is better to go directly to the dates that you are more sure that you want to make that trip.

Find cheaper prices

And there let’s not be as flexible as it happens with accommodation for those who are looking for all the resources to organize their trip to Europe step by step I am going to leave you a guide with links and information of interest .

Because you already know that the idea of worlds is that they have every hing the necessary information so that they can organize their trips or if they decide to go through an agency they are sufficiently informed to make the best decisions that is why I was interested in making this video they ask me a lot why I choose this season to travel which is the best for me.

You can see that the weather is still quite flattering in the middle of October and well that’s one of my great reasons for traveling besides always If you want to find cheaper prices because we end up liking many travelers if you also want to know how to reserve your accommodation.