What are the travel requirements to Arrive in Germany ?

What are the travel requirements to Arrive in Germany ?

What are the travel requirements to Arrive in Germany ?

Today let’s talk about Germany, the requirements will depend on your residence, which defines Germany as where you have your residence on a regular basis and in this way we will find different lists on the one hand are going to be the safe countries.

If you are a resident of these you can travel to Germany without requiring vaccination sites and regardless of your reason for traveling, that if you bring proof, it will be important to present it when entering the country,.

But you will not need to have any specific vaccine, so this will greatly reduce the access requirements and here it is we are going to find several countries in the Americas, such as Colombia, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

Travel to Germany

We know that it is very changeable, so countries could be added or even eliminated, something that has already been happening during these months, so always be very aware of updates and what happens .

If your country is not on this safe list of all ways you can actually travel to Germany if your trip is essential, that is, for reasons of study work or even reunions of couples who do not or have married but that they can already prove a relationship between a German who resides.

Here and a person outside of this country if entry would be possible and well here only proof would also have to be presented because the trip is considered necessary however what remains to be done all the others who want to travel as tourists basically vaccination .

European green pass

The vaccine is the great requirement and Germany- is only accepting those that have been approved by the Ema and where we find modern facer Astrazeneca and Johnson and Johnson the first to consider yourself vaccinated you have to have the two doses.

While Johnson and Johnson, which is a single dose, would be enough if they accept vaccinations carried out outside the European Union, but since these cannot be validated through the European green pass, it is important that they are presented in some of the languages accepted.

Which in this case would be German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish, and the cards as from the US CDC are accepted as well as the certificates from Mexico this is based on examples of people I know who have entered in this way and for those who ask me.

A recovery test

If they can only bring their vaccination records from Mexico but not the complete certificate enter the country remember that this is often at the discretion of your own airline so you should check with them if it can be accepted or you should wait for the certificate what happens .

If I am traveling from the European Union considering that Germany talks about the country of habitual residence, we as travelers must respect this rule, that is, if we are residents of a country that is considered to be at risk, come with the vaccine.

While if this is not our case, we could enter even if it is via the European Union through a test, and that is That is very important for all those who want to travel to the country, even if you come from the same European Union, you have to present the proof of vaccination a PCR or antigen test or a recovery test .

PCR  or antigen

That you have gone through the disease so here it does not matter if you are traveling from within it is important to respect this rule because the classification of requirements is made according to your country of residence.

Now what happens with the health pass for attractions good if it is necessary to present a proof of vaccination or of having done a PCR  or antigen if you want to enter the museums to the restaurants bars or really any attraction .

So it is very important that you count with this document and so you come with your proof of vaccination again those of other countries are accepted but if it is not your case because you enter through proof as it would apply for all the countries that already have access allowed well .

Antigen test costs 15 Euros

Here what I would need to do PCR or antigen tests every 72 hours to be able to enter these sites and if until the month of October we found that it was free to carry out these tests in Germany but that is no longer the case the antigen test costs 15 Euros .

While you get the PCR from 50 Euros so it is important that you consider this expense if suddenly you come without vaccination accepted by this country and they want to enter the attractions or restaurants of this place.

And well but with this they already have the main information to know what they need to visit Germany as they see it is not so complicated here you really do not have to add forms unless you come from a country of risk and with an essential reason .

Written information

That would be the only way in which you can enter and there if I would send you to quarantine but they have already seen that the rest of the travelers as long as you comply with the vaccination requirement or come from a safe country .

We can enter in a simple way and well when you do it from the European Union you see that they are the same requirements so I think that with this they already have a very good information I tell you, all this is going to be complemented with written information that can also serve.