What are the requirements to travel to Italy?

What are the requirements to travel to Italy?

What are the requirements to travel to Italy?

Today we talk about whether or not you can travel to Italy and what the conditions would be traveling to different places in the world to take practical information that will help you organize your trips and I am currently on a trip to Europe.

Since I arrived on this continent one of the big questions was if I was going to include Italy in my trip and well I start by telling you that Italy is re open to world tourism but with certain conditions it is in this way that it allows travel from certain countries that it considers safe.

Good sanitary conditions

Here the first confusion they have never followed the list of suggested countries hurt by the European union since the European union when all this began the issue decided to meet and try to have a unified list of which countries could join the European union.

Considering them to have good sanitary conditions, however from the beginning Italy said that they would not continue the list and that they would have their own and this is maintained to this day. It is in this way that Italy created five lists.

That classify them a b c d and e and aside from it has some exceptions such as the case of the USA, japan, brazil or india and more than the nationality it is considering What type of country are you traveling from to find out if you can enter or not.

Completed your vaccination

And I start with one of the easiest lists made up of Canada, the United States and Japan as non-EU countries and, for example, if you have been in any of these 14 days before, if you can enter and In the event that you have completed your vaccination and your certificate is accepted by Italy.

You would not need to go to isolation at home. or that your certificate for something is not valid for this country, well, you could also continue entering, but there you can with an antigen test and a self-isolation of about five days.

So as you see it, there are already alternatives from non-EU countries and also as you see it they are not considering nationality to this we must add that these countries are good I am putting them as examples of non-community.

There is also a list of countries within the European Union that Italy considers safe and therefore if you are doing a euro trick in these countries and you have already completed the 14 days you could enter Italy with similar requirements and well important.

Non-community countries

There are also some non-community countries that count as long as you have been 14 days and right on the screen you are seeing the current list of these countries from which if you can travel when you have been there for 14 days.

Where do we find some outside the European Union, as would be the case with is rael and this is the way in which many people from the American continent from countries that are not included in the direct access lists and are able to enter and it is through a third country this despite the fact that if you get into the information .

From the embassy you will soon find some information from June where it says, for example, in the case of Mexicans that by nationality they could only enter for urgent reasons, but if you review this other legislation, which is also more up-to-date.

An antigen test 48 hours

It already gives authorization depending on where you travel from. and how they see it the requirements are going to depend on whether you are vaccinated or not and the type of certificate that you present and right now that we are at this point of approved vaccines .

Which ones Italy currently approves would be modern bucks drunk and Johnson although there are its exceptions in some cases will tell you that your certificate is only valid if it was issued by the European Union, this means that if You were vaccinated in one of the member countries.

As many non-community tourists were vaccinated, precisely in countries that were good. If they do not accept your certificate, they can also carry out an antigen test 48 hours before your arrival and that would be what they would present.

Ministry of foreign affairs

This system is confusing and a bit complex well the truth is yes but we have a great tool that the Italy ministry of foreign affairs made available to travelers and in which you put if you want to travel to Italy from what country do you do it where you have been in the 14 days prior to your trip .

And on that it gives you a result that you should present at the time of your admission and if you would have to do isolation or not upon arrival and this is a tool where you could travel but really this tool is going to help you a lot .

Because there it empties its information and tells you if you can travel or not and with what conditions and requirements it is important to consider that if you do not travel from one of these countries that are authorized your trip can be complicated in fact some travelers have reported to me .

Non-community citizens

That they were not allowed to take flights from countries like turkey precisely for not considering insurance and because they were not citizens of the European union who had the right to enter so for anyone who plans a euro trip i tell them Italy has its own list of safe countries .

You have to review it to be sure that we are traveling from one and not one prohibited and among the most prohibited worldwide because it is The ones that even appear on the website would be brazil, India, Bangladesh and sir Lanka.

These appear on a red list where you would not be able to enter unless it is an exceptional situation, but definitely if we talk about tourism we can also add a list of more countries and especially when we talk about non-community citizens.

Tourist attractions

Who were vaccinated or not but outside these countries now so far with the entry but what is going to happen with the activities because well we already saw it in the case of France, a country that I was recently visiting.

Where to enter at all tourist attractions you had to present proof of either vaccination or having had a test done and well in the case of Italy it also happens in tourist attractions so what alternative is left to tourists outside these countries well very easy you can present the equivalent of your country .

If it is considered in fact for example we focus on sites web like that of the holy see for the vatican museums that would be the requirement and well very similar to the case of France where even though they have a certificate for travelers.

Trip through Europe

As there are still flaws they give you the alternative of presenting your ballot or your CV depending on the country and what you have managed to process and well there they have information from Italy that they had asked me a lot for

So that they can verify the data According to how things evolve and well, I hope it has been very useful to you, you already know that you can follow my trip through Europe on my social networks .

Where I tell you how the situation is in different places that I go visiting and of course due to the sudden changes that there are currently I will probably also end up including Italy within this trip and of course what And I will also tell you but while you already have the necessary information so that you can visit it.