Travel from Spain to France what are the instructions which we follow?

Travel from Spain to France what are the instructions which we follow?

Travel from Spain to France what are the instructions which we follow?

The different ways of moving between capitals such as Madrid and Paris, France and Spain share more than 650 kilometers of border, therefore going from one country to another is relatively common and the thing is that they are joined by roads, trains and planes, but depending on the which city .

You are going to and which is your final destination will depend on what is best for your trip and that is that it is not the same to go from Barcelona to Toulouse than from Madrid to Paris per Or now if we start from Spain.

Which is not where you most likely want to move to Paris and there are several options, one to do it from Madrid where I am and many go by train because it looks very practical and relatively fast, however this is not the case .

European capitals

It is a myth that all the European capitals are directly or easily connected by train, so to go by train from Madrid to Paris would take, on average, more than 10 hours and journeys that exceed 100 euros, so many times neither fast nor cheap it’s going to be cheaper to travel by plane .

Because we can find flights for less than 50 euros so well, there would be the alternative so suddenly the plane can be more complex in what you have to go to the airport and that they charge you for luggage in the security checks.

The truth is that you can save a lot of money now if you think that going by bus is going to be very cheap, well from the start I tell you that the journey of the sob It takes 17 hours by bus and if you have to make any changes we can already talk about more than 20.

Combining destinations

If you don’t buy it in advance you will pay more than 100 euros so it’s not even cheap anymore if you are interested in doing something like that I would encourage you to make a route more similar to the one I did where you go combining destinations.

For example from Madrid move perhaps to Bilbao or Barcelona and then take the next bus so that the trip is much more restful and you get to know the places where you go making the stop so well what I recommend I tell you one option is to move to more border cities such as Barcelona.

If you can already take a train to Paris that will be shorter and also much cheaper to travel by train from Paris to Barcelona is a good idea when you get the tickets with enough time the price can go from less than 50 Euros but this if you do it in a good promotion.

Cheaper and easy

If you buy it the same day in the same journey can cost you up to 240 Euros the train is direct and the journey time is 6 hours and 40 minutes and it may sound like a long time but if you consider that the train stations are located in the city centers.

It will be much cheaper and easy to move to your accommodation also that when traveling to the train you need to go through fewer revisions and therefore you have to arrive with less time in advance than at the airport in conclusion recommended.

If you get a good price despite this I almost always stay with the alternative to the plane and you have to buy it less in advance to get a good price and the journey takes less than two hours, but be careful with the very cheap flights that you can find from fourteen Euros.

The outskirts of Paris

Since these normally go to get to the airport that is on the outskirts of Paris and this will take time and money in the transfer to the city therefore here is my advice and If you go directly to one of the main airports in Paris and all the details.

As well as the purchase link, you will find them in the text that accompanies this video and that is available on Finally, there is the alternative of the bus, but here the journey is from more than 14 hours and although you will not have to change buses.

If you will need to make several stops along the way and it becomes an alternative for those travelers who want to save a hotel night in Europe another would be to do something very similar to what I did that there he was making stops and taking a bus that cost me fifteen Euros and that left me in Toulouse in five hours i did exactly this from san Sebastián.

Another alternative but i know that Barcelona is more popular that’s why i wanted to leave them both considering that it is the same cost and practically the same time to connect them with Toulouse one of the easiest French cities to visit from Spain .

From there I decided to stay a couple of days and then move to Carcassonne, a place that you have probably seen because it has a fairly important castle and that it is only an hour from Toulouse and I got the project for just one euro.

Although I must tell you that it was a promotion, usually on The journey costs about 10 euros. My next stop was Lyon, a city in France that I like very much, but here it was not so cheap. I had to pay 40 euros and it was 3 hours.

Comfortable train

But on a fairly comfortable train, so that would be another alternative I am going to spend a couple of days in Lyon and time to take the train again and this time my route was Paris and after little more than a week of travel .

I am finally in Paris I arrived at the gare de Lyon which is precisely the one with that direct train that departed from Lyon and well it is a fairly comfortable journey of only two hours and not very expensive if we compare it with other trains.

Well Very quickly you are already directly in the center of the city, which is an advantage that moving by land has against moving by plane, since we arrive at airports that are not always so well connected, but well, you saw it.

Barcelona to Paris

I wanted to make a route different this time after having traveled several times from Madrid to Paris or from Barcelona to Paris usually by plane if you ask me which one I recommend the most I think it depends a lot on interests budgets and time .

I really enjoyed going little by little between these destinations something that of course could also be done when you rent a car and you can stop at different places and even include more than I had the opportunity on this occasion.

For something much more express I definitely think that the train currently has a very good price when we talk about Barcelona Paris and in the case of Madrid I think if I would still keep the theme by plane but this is only my opinion .Because there we feed on the experience of others travelers so well I hope this has been very useful to you