The best suitcases for traveling in the world

The best suitcases for traveling in the world

The best suitcases for traveling in the world

Today I am going to show you the ones that I have and that I use depending on each trip and I start by telling you that here I am not going to talk about a specific brand nor is it a video to sell you something, I am simply going to show you different types of luggage backpacks .

That can serve you and that you may even already have at home so that you know which one would be the most appropriate depending on each type of trip, it is in this way that I am going to show you what I have that I have bought in many places in the world.

Personal items

Then if someone is interested in similar models well I already have on my website a list with all these accessories that I use with my luggage so that whoever is looking for something of the kind can acquire it because it included the characteristics to Yes.

Therefore, I start with the personal item, that is, that small handbag, laptop backpack, diaper bag that accompanies us during our trip, even for many airlines, it is the only thing that is included as luggage in your most basic fare.

Especially when we talk with airlines from low cost and it is good that many say how I am going to go without any luggage where I carry my documents and that is the reason why no matter how cheap your plane ticket is, it has to include the personal item.

No specific measurements

That is precisely what you are going to place under your seat at the time of the flight, that is, many airlines do not let you put it in the upper compartments and that is why the dimensions they are smaller, although there are no specific measurements because each airline imposes on its own.

If we could talk about generalities and normally it should not measure more than 45 x 35 x 20 centimeters and it should fit precisely in the airline’s meters, it is in this way that I I try to make the most of this space and several trips that are short were made only with personal items.

Here I show you mine that if you already follow me on networks or have seen other videos you will have seen me travel with this backpack and well, this backpack I loved it I got it from Amazon it is of quite good quality and it has many compartments and I quite like that.

Personal items do not put weight

It is also slightly smaller than the measurements that I gave them, in fact this one measures 41 x 34 x 5.4 centimeters and well it is one of the advantages after buying for Amazon that gives you very precise measurements or e-commerce in general.

Because they have to specify more and well as you see it is a bit of a school type and pa It is because there are some who have doubts as to whether backpacks are not allowed and only handbags and well not if it can be as it is and even if they see it small they could be surprised at everything that can fit it .

One of the advantages of personal items is that most airlines do not put weight on it, only measurements, and that is why I have been able to travel on many occasions with this one, and for whoever is interested and as I say it is I bought it through Amazon specific model.

Short plane trips

I no longer found it available but I did find a very similar one that is the one that I recommend on my website now that backpack is the one that I carry as I tell you for weekend getaways for short plane trips where I don’t want to pay more to the airline but if I’m going to travel with a personal item.

And also carry-on or hold luggage, well I don’t take it I have a backpack and I normally carry a small handbag, these are very comfortable for me because I also carry it throughout the flight if I go to the bathroom or whatever it is.

I never leave it because it is where I carry the most important things and that is why it is not not too small so that only keppel money and cell phone but not too big and they fit me a lot but as I say it is of taste now an advantage of this type of bags that well .

Hand luggage

I know that there are also equivalents in names also this type backpack milestones well, if you suddenly only include hand luggage but not personal items, well you can put this inside your largest suitcase and in this way it is as if you were carrying something because many tell me that later they see me with this separately of the personal item and well it’s basically.

Because I take it as an extra but when I get on the plane I put it inside some larger baggage to comply with the baggage rule because And if I carry it alone, as such, it would also be equivalent to a personal item. There will be one more alternative that I have between a personal item and hand luggage.

It is precisely this backpack of much larger dimensions and, well, this could become a personal item. The truth is that even It has happened with the airlines because if it is not very full, as you can see, it is flexible, it can be made smaller and enter the meter, so it can be an alternative.

Measurements of hand luggage

Although I really use it as the equivalent of hand luggage. to the suitcase with wheels because it is very important that they know that it does not have to be the strength of the wheels that suitcase many ask me not as long as it has the measurements of hand luggage when it includes it you can take one of this type and mine of made .

Here I could not recommend the brand because this is from the gym they gave it to me and they no longer discontinued it they no longer sell it but well what I want to show you is that it can be any suitcase the most similar thing I have found was a very similar 50 liter one that also has several compartments and that is how I leave the link for those who are looking for something like that.

But they know that it cannot be a backpack it will enter as personal item always also depends a lot on the weight and the sizes this one fits a lot of luggage measured more than a month of travel with this one because I tell you it fits a lot of things and it can weigh a lot so if suddenly they are with an airline that if it imposes on you weight and they check it for you .

Fabric suitcases

If it could exceed the amounts and not because they see it as a backpack they will let it go and I tell you this from experience my other equivalent of hand luggage is precisely this suitcase that is the typical one with semi-rigid wheels I love these fabric suitcases, they do get them in many brands and well, I went for this one in the first place .

Because I had a rigid one before, those that you already know that They are like a plastic type and my bad experience was that since I filled it up a lot at some point the material was thrown away, it ended up breaking, throwing one of the tires away and this happened to me in the middle of a trip in Poland I was lucky that there was a shopping center nearby like that that as soon as I arrived at the hotel.

International, National trips

I went to look for another one and I got this one and it has become my great ally, I took many international national trips and the truth is that it works very well for me and I just like that it complies with the measures of most airlines in terms of hand luggage in fact to this day I have not found one where it does not comply in many cases it is exact.

But it always fits in the meter look 55 long by 36 by 20 centimeters and it has the advantage that it can be extended they are of these fabric ones that have this function and I would always recommend it because it can help you on trips where you need to carry a little more luggage, they’re not even air travel .

Bags for security

So you don’t have to entering it also has several compartments and you will notice that it is something that ends up being very important for me so well obviously these bags for security normally neither in the large suitcase nor in the one that goes with me.

I use them for nothing important but suddenly brochures that I they give things that remain that are not of great value because I use them and inside well I really like that it is this format that can be completely opened and that is not divided into two because in many hotels there is not much space in hostels