New rules for traveling to the United States

New rules for traveling to the United States

Introduction of New rules for traveling to the United States

As of November 8, it was announced that the United States will change the entry rules for travelers and now only those who have been vaccinated will be able to travel. However, this announcement left us with many doubts because what happened to children who have not been vaccinated with whom they cannot vaccinate with those who do not get doses in their countries we already have the rules.

The common ones that arise about the reopening of the US, so here we go and the first question is when do these new rules start? Well, it will be November 8 when this new policy for traveling to the US begins to work, in which it no longer matters.

Start traveling to the USA

Which country you travel to does not matter your nationality but to be fully vaccinated and when I say fully vaccinated I mean what the United States means by a vaccinated person and that is that here I start with a very important point each country has its own definition of who was considered based on certain requirements .

So I am going to explain to you in the first place you have to have one of the vaccines approved for emergency use by the world health organization, this is what broadens the panorama a bit and they are not only the ones that are being applied in the united states.

Currently the list is made up of it is going to be modern Johnson and Johnson Astrazéneca Scinopharm and yes novak you already know that if the organization mu ndial of health decides to add a new one well now automatically they could also start traveling to the USA.

Gets vaccinated

If it is the one you have now important to consider yourself vaccinated you have to have full doses if you vaccinate johnson and johnson in a single dose that will be enough while that those that require two such as pzifer or modern will be requested to have both.

If not you do not consider yourself vaccinated and it is also important that 14 days have passed since you applied the last dose or the single dose in case it applies and for whom Do you have any doubts here, an example, if someone gets vaccinated on November 1.

They could start traveling to the United States as of November 15. It is also important that they know that although the United States has not been mixing vaccines, it is going to allow travelers who have received approved doses.

PCR or antigen test

Who have combined can travel and this is very important because he opens the panorama to many travelers who followed that policy in their countries and I am vaccinated, this means that I no longer have to present the PCR or antigen test.

You do not have to continue presenting this test, which was already a requirement that we had since January and it continues, you have to carry it out within a period of three days before your trip and here I see a very frequent doubt people often think that they have to be PCR and it cannot be antigens.

It is approved and in the case of Mexico they also ask me a lot about the worthy health laboratory if it is accepted because it causes them Some doubt about the issue of costs but if this laboratory is accepted because it is one of those that are certified.

The US guidelines

That is the important thing that they review at the moment they choose where to carry out the test that is endorsed by the government of Mexico and already with That is also going to be accepted in the US now as I prove that I am vaccinated, well this is through a record issued by an official source, just as the US guidelines say and so on.

They basically refer to a certificate that the government of the country in which you are vaccinated has given you, and well, here too, another frequent question is usually when will they review it for me and how do I go to the United States? I have to present it in English.

Normally this It is not a problem since those in charge of reviewing the vaccination certificates for many countries in the world are the same airlines and they do it from the country that is leaving, if it is the country in which you are vaccinated.

Issuing QR codes

You have the same language and therefore So there is no problem with the certificates and the same happens in fact with the PCR tests or antigens that are presented at the time of check-in or at the time of boarding with the airline, they do not have to be translated because you are not going to present it later only here in the united states it is important to carry it at all times .

Because they may ask you to check I go out to check as something random but the important thing is that you carry them in your language and issued by your government many governments are issuing QR codes which makes these certificates a little more secure.

Those that are doing it on paper is also admitted in many cases and starting with the case of the USA that has not unified a system and that the cards of the venues those little pieces of cardboard are the proof both to enter a restaurant and to enter a country such as Spain or France that request vaccination as an entry requirement so here all those who ask me .

A digital certificate

How that cardboard is going to be valid if it is valid and therefore you have to be very careful if this is your way of verifying that you are vaccinated if you have a digital certificate that you can print several times well there is not so much of a problem there and this happens in governments like that of Mexico that if it issues one.

However, we have a big problem that many have not been issued correctly, so people only have pap eletas and in this case I want to tell you that with examples from other countries we have seen that these are accepted for travel but not in all cases sometimes it is up to the airline.

If they accept it or not so always investigate if they are they will accept them or if they definitely need to wait for the certificate and to have it correctly issued if they made an error regarding minors they will not be able to travel because in many countries they have not been vaccinated well if they are going to be able to travel.

Clinical trials for the vaccine

So I don’t know worry if they are accompanied by a vaccinated adult, those under 18 years of age will be able to travel and those between 2 and 17 years of age will have to complete a test carried out in the three days prior to their trip.

If for any reason the minor you are traveling alone or you are traveling with an adult who falls under the exceptions that can travel without a vaccine, well then the test would have to be done one day before your trip.

If you go there will be exceptions for some travelers who are admitted even without a vaccine and we are going to start with those who for medical reasons such as allergies cannot apply the same will happen with those who have been participating in clinical trials for the vaccine so there will be some exceptions .

Rule or benefit

Now also within Exceptions would include those who come from countries where they still cannot get the vaccine , however we are not talking about countries like Mexico where part of the population is vaccinated but it still needs to reach another part, but about much more extreme cases where less than 10% of the population has been vaccinated.

Here almost all the countries belong to the African continent, so the majority of those who watch my channel would not be affected by this rule or benefit in case they are looking for an exception, but most are with some exceptions such as Afghanistan that well are outside the African continent.