New requirements to travel to Spain Grecia 2022

New requirements to travel to Spain Grecia 2022

New requirements to travel to Spain Grecia 2022

The world relax the measures to the extent that some have already completely eliminated the travel requirements if you want to know what this list of countries is, well I already have this video and I will also continue updating it because we could see that each if every week at least one more country in the world is being integrated that has already eliminated sanitary requirements.

Now I am going to talk to you of countries that do still have some requirements and that they ask me a lot, so that is the case of Spain and Greece and I start with Spain, whose great travel requirement for tourism has been to be vaccinated, but we are going to find some exceptions.

This is basically when we travel from a country considered safe or countries of the European Union in this case if you can travel without needing the vaccine that is very important that we consider that this list of safe countries is constantly changing .

Allowed Entering Without The Need

If we think we can go to Spain without a vaccine because suddenly our country is there it may be that the following week this will change and suddenly they won’t let us board the plane anymore so that’s why the vaccine still ends up being something very important for Spain even.

When you go from countries that are allowed Entering without the need for something new for trips to Spain is that it is also allowed to travel with a recovery certificate. ion something that was not considered .

The characteristics I would tell you to consult with your embassy and with the airline that you are going to fly because you already know that later, depending on the airline, it may be the criteria for their acceptance.

Important To Verify If They Find Themselves

This would be important to verify if they find themselves in this case. On the other hand, those between 12 and 18 years old will also be able to travel to Spain without a vaccine, but in this case by presenting a PCR test carried out 72 hours before the trip or 24 hours when they decide get antigens done .

There would be the alternative of also traveling when you are under 12 years old and in this case you will not have any requirements now a question that has come to me a lot about Spain is if I am already vaccinated.

If I have to take any complementary test and the answer is that they did not already see that the pcr or antigen alternative was given to those who are between 12 and 18 years old and also applies as an option ion of travel but for essential trips.

The World Health Organization

When it comes to tourism you are already vaccinated no tests are needed unless you travel from a country that is considered very high risk however currently there is none on the list so I can confirm that in this At the moment it is not necessary to complement check your vaccination base in the list of safe countries Currently.

It is everyone who has any of the doses approved by the world health organization so all these vaccines as fake and unused novak are approved the issue is in the reinforcement that here it is already requested and it is that the first cycle of vaccination will serve you for 270 days and after this it is necessary.

You have a reinforcement and well precisely this will give an opportunity to travelers who have unapproved vaccines such as Cancino and sputnik to enter Spain because if they were given one of these vaccines but their booster was already one of the vaccines approved by the world health organization .

First Vaccination Cycle

When they spend 14 days of booster they can travel to Spain as vaccinated in the case of those who had their two doses of Astrazeneca and their Astrazeneca boosters from the first day they receive it they can already travel .

At that time there is no need to wait only if your first cycle or it was from unapproved vaccines and well also if your first vaccination cycle has just finished that is to say that they already gave you the second dose the fighter two weeks ago .

You have very good weather to be able to travel to Spain for more than eight months because all that time you It is going to be valid because this is usually a very common doubt among travelers and the requirement that no one is saved in Spain, even for transits in which if you are going to go through immigration.

The Immigration Area

It is the health control form that will give you a code. QR that they will ask you at various times of the trip to Spain’ or as I say transit in Spain when you need to pass the immigration area and well this form is super simple I already have written tutorials .

Where I tell you how to fill it out and not there is greater difficulty basically 48 hours before you enter Spain it is from that moment that you can fill it out but from that moment until you are going to do it because in m In many cases you will need the number of seats to be able to fill them.

You do not have this information, you need to wait for it at the airport, but how can filling it in less than 15 minutes help you, because it really does not become a problem and my recommendation is that they do it through the mobile application that is much easier to manage than through the website .

Certificate Is Already Validated

So far Spain but now I follow with Greece a country that in fact has already eliminated this kind of forms and that is no longer mandatory as of 15 march the passenger location form is optional for those who want to do it but now Greece is not going to ask any visitor .

Let’s go with the requirements and basically in thanks the passengers are divided into three large groups and depending on this The rest of the requirements that are going to be requested are all those travelers who already have a health passport issued .

The European Union or by the In one of the countries that use the same system, in this case it will not be necessary for you to bring anything else since this certificate is already validated or that you went through the disease and are in the recovery period .

A Special Classification

The complete vaccination schedule and if you also need a booster dose or finally that you have a pcr or antigen test so that would be enough to enter and here it is important to meet one of the three requirements that I chose and as long as you comply with carrying.

It in the passport European sanitary and those who do not have this certificate have alternatives and one good two passengers who come from Australia Canada and the USA who are in a special classification .