Mistakes when traveling to Paris

Mistakes when traveling to Paris

Mistakes when traveling to Paris

The cinema and television have sold us this e destination as practically perfect and of course, like any great city in the world, it will have more beautiful arias than others, it will have things that we may not like and, well, bringing it so idealized can end up being a mistake.

The experience could disappoint us like this I think that being very realistic when organizing our trip and bringing our expectations will help us to be able to do much more when we arrive. Error 2 is not coming with enough money and I am not going to tell you.

You have to come with a budget of rich or anything like that you can come as a backpacker with a very limited budget or come with a luxury budget this doesn’t matter what I’m trying to tell you is that unlike other destinations in the world here you’re going to end up paying a lot more for certain things like.

Good Quality-Price

Lodging or food is in this way that if for example you as a backpacker who stays in a hostel you can in any European city of eastern Europe- to be paying 5 euros to stay in a hostel that is of a good quality suddenly here this can rise to 45 or 50 euros for having similar services  .

The same is going to happen for those who prefer hotels with good value good quality-price that without a doubt you pay much more in this destination and I think it is good to come psyched up that here you are going to go on a euro trip perhaps more than your budget but in the end in a destination like Paris it is worth it.

You already had the experience and you will decide if you repeat it is only once in your life and just as I tell you about bringing too many expectations of Paris I think that another mistake would be to suddenly bring a lot of prejudices which is also something very frequent every time.

Own Travel Experience

I am in France Followers write to me saying that if they really are as rude as they say if it bothers them So much that you speak to them in English that it is better to only use Spanish if you don’t speak French.

I think that Suddenly take away all those ideas and come to make your own criteria, your own travel experience is really ideal, prejudices are not going to help, and although we can find people who can fit into those stereotypes, they are definitely not going to be all the people.

Precisely this leads me to another very frequent mistake and a question that I get asked a lot and that is if you can only travel to Paris or to France in general speaking French and of course not I don’t speak any French and I have come on several occasions.

A Bigger Problem In Tourist Areas

I don’t I have had a bigger problem and it is that in tourist areas in others he is in restaurants that are precisely in tourist areas you will definitely find someone who speaks English to you and I have not had any difficulty in being referred to in this language.

They speak it in French, make signs to me, try to explain, take out your cell phone to Google what a word means and show it to me, so I can see it without any problem. I have been able to move in this direction also in terms of transport.

Paris is a city that is perfectly well connected and works very well and therefore you do not need to speak the language to understand how to get around and simply use a map application such as google maps you can know how to make your journeys and get around without having problems .

Low-Cost Airlines

Without speaking a word of French, one more mistake is undoubtedly not planning your arrival and departure very well from this city and that is that there are several airports, several train and bus stations and it is important that you investigate which one you are going to arrive.

For example, it is very common from Europe to find really cheap flights, but many times they are low-cost airlines that arrive at the airport that is outside the city and the time and cost that it can take you to get there to Paris as such may not end up being worth.

I think these are the things It is important that we check Paris has three airports it is important to see the distances of the different means of transport that we could use and on that decide which is the best for the type of trip we are looking for I am constantly asked which airport I recommend to get there and really removing the one.

The Transportation Alternatives

I tell you is on the outskirts of Charles de Gaulle or also the one in Orly I know more about good alternatives they are much closer and with more transportation alternatives and in fact also with different budgets that can be for all travelers a error plus accommodation.

Many travelers write to me saying that they want to stay in the center of Paris next to the Eiffel tower next to the arc de Triomphe on the champs Elysees and well of course if we haven’t come these are going to be our big ones and we all like to be close to the great attractions.

When we go as tourists to a city , however in destinations such as a country that They are so expensive and they are so big, suddenly wanting to be in a single area or near a single attraction, they end up not being worth it, especially when your budget is not unlimited.

 The Eiffel Tower

I dream of being in front of the Eiffel Tower and you want to have that experience. and paying for it is totally valid but I am referring to the fact that if you only come as a traveler to explore the city and you are only looking for where to be well located there are many more areas than next to these attractions.

What seems essential to me in Paris is to look for accommodation nearby of a meter this is going to help you a lot to be able to be moving around the different places without having problems and for those who ask me where I stay, well it is that for years we had the theme with Paris that is popular .

Spend A Lot Time Outside

If you did not reserve the attractions you could stay out or spend a lot time outside queuing for the lockers and then the entrance is in this way that having your day already planned and prior reservations can help you a lot to optimize and more currently that the capacity is limited I understand that many are afraid to book because everything.

It is so modifiable that if suddenly they do not let you enter the country if something happens but here just check that they precisely have cancellation policies I put them for example I bought my tickets for Disneyland Paris.