Introduction of 3 ways to travel from Cancun

Introduction of 3 ways to travel from Cancun

Introduction of 3 ways to travel from Cancun

If you want to visit it but only have a short time here I can give you three alternatives to visit it in a single day so stay so that it gives you the different options with their prices located in the state of quintana roo and women .

It is an area of less than 5 square kilometers where shopp ng carts golf and bicycles are more common than cars it is considered one of the magical towns of mexico and the only island in the caribbean that has that title .

It is a place that offers white beaches simply to relax but it also has its attractions such as the garrafón park el boardwalk with a Caribbean atmosphere and very close is the underwater art museum as well as the Isla Contoy nature reserve and Las Mujeres is located approximately ly 6 kilometers from Cancun and if you want to know how to get .

Cancun it is a better option

Here I will explain three ways you can do this from Cancun Playa del Carmen although if you have the option to definitely choose Cancun it is a better option because of the geographical location so you will save some travel time .

The first option that I bring you to meet women is through an organized tour and the advantage of these is that they will pick you up at the place where they will also return you and of course you will have all the comforts of arriving that you already the boat is ready waiting for you and also unlike the cast it is on your own well .

Here there will be unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the way they studied to include several activities the first one will be snorkeling here they will include everything you you may need for your visit so you do not need to bring your own snorkel, fins or vest because this is already included in the experience.

Topic of food

Although some travelers decide better to bring their own equipment and that is also allowed, this activity requires swimming for about 30 minutes, but if you do not know or do not have much physical condition, do not worry .

Because you can stay on the boat and simply enjoy the way but just as this activity is not for everyone there is going to be a second one on north beach one of the most beautiful of all Isla Mujeres in which it is super quiet it is short so everyone can go down to swim and enjoy the sea.

Here it will be an activity of about an hour that allows you to be in this whole area and here the whole topic of food will be included and also alcoholic beverages are still included after eating at around 2:30 in the afternoon .

Travel Mexico

It is time for hours and for women to spend time going to their small historic center to the famous letters where many people look for photographs, so this is going to be the c fourth activity of this excursion the price to carry out this activity on tour is 1,345 Mexican pesos for adults hospitals from Playa del Carmen and Cancun,.

Which I already told you that it is closest, will be 1,177 Mexican pesos, the equivalent in dollars and the prices for children You can find them on the screen, in addition to the fact that these tours are carried out with place travel Mexico .

All that information is appearing on the screen here so that you can quote according to the moment in which you tour option 2 to get to know Islas Mujeres and I must confess that my favorite is the one that mixes the tour with Isla Country.

Protecting the ecosystem

He told me today for those who do not know it is a nature reserve that is located in the Mexican Caribbean, that is, a completely protected island where we do not go to find hotels, restaurants, shops or anything like that.

It is only focused on protecting the ecosystem and that makes the place truly spectacular it has white sand beaches ideal for having a good time and good for me it ended up being one of the visits that I liked the most.

That also has the advantage that it is mixed with the visit to Isla mujeres due to its proximity however I am going to be very honest, this tour is more focused on Conton and not even women, so if what you want is for your visit to be focused on Islas Mujeres.

The first tour that would make a much better alternative, here I can tell you that the current prices are 2 thousand 79 Mexican pesos for adults while one thousand 659 Mexican pesos for children, the boats are in fact the same ones.

The services are similar

You will find on Isla Mujeres from these boats quite comfortable in which you will find a bathroom with open bar service throughout the tour and also food included, so that is why I tell you the services are very similar.

Nothing else will make the difference in the places you are going to be visiting the third alternative to meet women would be on your own and that is if it is possible on your own to go in a single day but here you have to take some points into consideration .

The first thing the recommended ferry would be the overseas one that is the company that controls these routes and this one will have different departure points in the hotel zone of Cancún and also in Puerto Juarez but regardless of whether you are staying in playa del carmen or in the hotel zone of Cancun.

Another great disadvantage

I would tell you that the point where you take it is at which port is it and here is the explanation on the one hand those that you will find in the hotel zone of Cancún the stops of this ferry are more expensive but they also have another great disadvantage which is that they have fewer schedules, .

So if you simply want to do the tour in one day, it could be that you spend too much time waiting for this, let’s add that due to the complicated times we live in, not all the schedules are working nor all the departure ports with what which one might arrive so suddenly it’s not even working it’s not advertised on the official website so I think it’s best to go directly to Puerto Juarez .

Where you’ll find alternatives that leave every 30 minutes and this way you’ll be much simpler now how did you get to Puerto Juárez and you are staying in the hotel zone of Cancún there is a minibus that connects from that area and leaves you in Puerto Juárez the strange thing is that not many locals know about this transport .

Center of Cancun

I asked at my lodging and several people and there were those who said no that I had to go to the center of Cancún and detail and take a second public transport but me and some People had told me that if it existed and if there is the white bus if it will take you so just check exactly which ones are seeing on the screen exactly where I took it and if it left me directly in Puerto Juarez .

So if that bus exists what are you in hotel zone you can take it and for 12 pesos that is less than a US dollar to get to the port option 2 if you come from playa del carmen then it would be to go to the center of Cancun and from the center of Cancun take a minibus that takes you to the port Juarez now this ferry will leave you in the center of Isla Mujeres from .

Where you can walk to places like the Isla Mujeres sign take a tour of the center and even walk to north beach in about 10 minutes however if you want move all over the island and if you had to look for some means of transport among the most popular would be bicycles or golf carts that for a day