How pandemic in Europe affect travelling?

How pandemic in Europe affect travelling?

How pandemic in Europe affect travelling?

I have been touring the European continent and bringing you practical information for your trips such as budgets to do and useful information but also of course I brought you the whole topic of reopening however apparently now we have to talk about something that we thought we would not have to see so least in a good time and it is the closures again.

It is that currently a fourth wave is threatening Europe and this means that we have to talk about this issue again so here I tell you how I have had to live all this issue in these weeks Of the changes, such as the issue of certificates.

This fourth wave could affect your trip and everything we know so far, having said that, let’s start by saying that not all European countries are being affected in the same way by this fourth at least up to now it is in this way that central Europe.

The Different Rules, Different Income Requirements

The countries belonging to Eastern Europe are the ones that are showing the highest number of contagion in recent days, in fact central Europe is the one that is taking the news recently considering that countries such as Germany or Australia are having to impose new restrictions.

They are seeing a number of cases that have never occurred in all this time At the time of a pandemic, this seems to me to be very relevant to consider since sometimes we consider Europe as one, we refer to it as a whole, however we are talking about 50 countries.

They have different rules, different income requirements and of course in this case also different epidemiological situations so  it is not the same right now to think about going to a country like Spain in the next few days, although it is also seeing an increase in cases.

Central European Countries

It is not as high as what is happening in central European countries, as would be the case in and that is why it is very important that we be informed country by country that we want to visit in case we have a trip planned for the next few weeks, of course such an important health change is implying that new measures are taken that could affect, of course.

The trips as well as the day to day of the people who already live in these places and that they are already having to see again restrictions is in this way that countries such as Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands have announced new measures to contain

This new wave of cases and therefore it would be where we could see more complicated at the moment, perhaps not entry since At the moment the requirements from foreign countries have not been updated as such , however our day-to-day travel could be greatly affected by these new measures.

International Travel Is Restricted

It is also very important that we consider that most of these countries still do not give Notices that international travel is restricted either from the European Union or from countries outside of the majority of the requirements are maintained.

For example, they already know that to enter a country like Germany you have to be vaccinated with one of the doses approved by them while in a country like Italy they also have their own requirements that vary from which country you travel and to From this they give you different income alternatives.

If these are maintained, although it is important that you consider that they could be modified in a very short time if the epidemiological situation continues to worsen, and even countries like Italy have already noticed that they are being affected.

The Flexibility Of Cancellable Reservations

Due to imported cases that come from neighboring countries such as Slovenia, with which the rule has already been imposed that if the police detect someone with symptoms, they can stop the entire train on which they are traveling.

It is very important to consider that it is only a matter of whether we can enter or not but that this can be very changeable and it is important to consider it when we are going to travel I owe you speaking for these months about the importance of the flexibility of cancellable reservations.

This is not going to change so least in good time so consider it for those who are already paying things to risk the least amount of money possible for the trip that they have planned, something very important to consider is that the new measures are being taken in many cases not towards foreign travelers as indicated.

Different Businesses From Museums

In many cases can continue to enter with the same rules as months ago, but towards the same citizens or residents of these countries who have not wanted to be vaccinated in this way that many of the measures are focused on them, countries like Austria are no longer allowed to enter businesses for recreation or leisure to people who are not vaccinate.

This it is an important difference until a long time ago normally there was the alternative in the countries that asked you to show that you were vaccinated if you were not vaccinated to show that you had undergone an antigen or PCR test and this gave validity .

You could enter the different businesses from museums even restaurants bars and more however you have decided to change things a bit and that’s it r they focus only on whether you are vaccinated or have had the disease and in those not vaccinated in this way the tests cease to be an alternative in more and more places and I say more places.

A Vaccine Approved By Germany

If Austria was one of the first to announce these measures but starting next week similar measures are going to be carried out in berlin where I was just a few days ago and you could still enter the shops showing proof of cure or a PCR or antigens however this will no longer be possible in the following days

This is very important that they consider it even if they go as travelers since this measure can affect them and I say that it can affect us because many are entering suddenly because they come from a safe country but not with a vaccine approved by Germany .

Definitely the trip would start to get very complicated and PCR tests or antigens are not an option to enter the different establishments and this leads me to another big question that has to do with whether foreign vaccination certificates are being accepted .

CDC Card U.S. Vaccination Certificates

In the different European countries at the time of entry, but also of entering businesses and tourist attractions as such, and here goes According to my experience in recent months, to be able to enter countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy, if the certificates that have been issued abroad are being accepted.

It is in this way that the Mexican when he has the QR code as well as the CDC card U.S. vaccination certificates and certificates from other countries such as Argentina Chile are being accepted to be able to enter the countries and in fact when you enter directly from your country or from some country in America.

It is precisely when you take the flight that they will check it many times there is a second review at the time of entering the country but not always because the airlines are the first ones in charge to check that you have your vaccination certificate.