How much does it cost to travel to Paris? 

How much does it cost to travel to Paris? 

How much does it cost to travel to Paris?

I can also include there, for example, the maps that you can download to have during your trip and in this way your route is much simpler so you already saw it here you will have all the information. It is that I propose a three-day route and since I like to start with costs here

It is the budget of this trip we consider a trip with a moderate budget in which it is considered that you travel with another person with whom you would share expenses as is the accommodation in this way the budget per person already includes activities transportation

food lodging and is equivalent to 344 euros which would be 400 US dollars and 8 thousand Mexican pesos for the three nights and per person if you travel alone you could maintain this accommodation budget by staying in some of the best hostels in Paris .

Most famous museums

Would be a bed in a hostel room but at now let’s go with the breakdown and on day 1 I propose that we start precisely with the place where I am, which is one of the most famous museums in Paris and in the whole world if you want to enter the museum I would recommend that you be the first activity that do the day.

That way they will be able to avoid a bit of the crowds that come on organized tours and that normally arrive around 11 in the morning, so that is why it will be the first activity and you have to add 10 euros, which is What does it currently cost to enter a museum like this for a non-expert in art?

It will take at least two to three hours, although of course it is your passion or your specialty. it is the time that we are going to be allocating to reach our second attraction of the day it was going to be the triumphal arch but precisely to go between one point and another we are going to meet r several attractions and in this way as we will finish at noon if you go with all the spirit and desire

The famous Champs Elysées

I recommend that you do this route walking through the famous Champs Elysées the Tuileries Garden and other points of interest that we are going to find on this way which is done completely straight if your mobility is reduced or you are very tired there is also the alternative of taking some public transport that joins these two routes .

I decided to combine a bit of the metro and a bit of walking to get to the second stop that was the arc de triomphe in this way walk Tuileries and then take the metro and get off one station before reaching the arc de Tiomphe and I tell them one station before because at least they want to get on this one

if you want to have the view it is much better to go down one earlier and be able to appreciate a bit of delicious fields and also have better shots I really like going up because I think the view is enough nte good and cheap if we compare it with other places in Paris so after a brief visit this time I took the public bus number 30 to be dropped off at the Eiffel tower behind me I like this bus a lot .

The Eiffel tower

It will have several stops at key points to have good views of the eiffel tower and even a very close one exactly at the entrance of the tower for those who are interested in going up the cost of the climb is 26.10 cents and currently it is It is a bit complicated to book well in advance, there are even tickets that tell you that you have to come directly to see if there is availability,

My advice would be to book so that you do not waste a lot of time in the batteries and well, if we decide to go up We would easily spend between 90 and 120 minutes with which we would practically be seeing that it was a very full day due to the location where we were.

There is one more activity that we could do and it is the famous walk along the Seine and it could even be done with everything and dinner included, of course the expenses are going to rise depending on what we select and we do not like this plan.

The airports by public transport

We could also prepare a special dinner in a restaurant or why not even go to a night show like the famous red windmill but well exactly they are alternatives you know that I propose certain common routes so that you end up adapting it to your tastes .

this the today number 1 in Paris we ended up seeing some of its main symbols such as the Eiffel tower arc de Triomphe Bulerías and the sena carrying out these four paid activities would cost us 71 euros, that is, 80 US dollars or 1,660 Mexican pesos, but of course

There are two expenses that I have not mentioned so far and one would be transportation and the other food, so here I explain them for the transport we will have several alternatives but one of the most popular is to buy an unlimited card for a week that will already cover all the areas of Paris with which you could even go to Disneyland Paris or to the airports by public transport.

Make at least one getaway

Without paying more this card has a cost close to 23 euros and is an excellent alternative if everything is already limited and especially if you are going to go out to other areas of paris the great disadvantage which ones to issue it has a cost of five euros in addition to the fact that you have to register and bring a photograph but if it is allowed for tourists it is something that can be done in a simple way .

Especially if your trip is between these dates and you are going to be arriving or leaving from airports and making trips to see sizes and Paris you are definitely going to save a lot of money so for my budget this would be the alternative considering you make at least one getaway .

Fast food chains

If not you also have to know that Because there are other I know that for meals there are menus in many restaurants that you can easily get, even in tourist areas, for around 15 euros, obviously these can range from 10 to 45 euros, but I think that 15 is a sufficient budget for dinner and you have to invest a little more, at least I would recommend 20 euros

They are already talking about going into a restaurant, while both lunch and dinner we will always have the alternative of fast food that you will easily find packages for 10 euros for me, I am not used to having dinner, 25 euros is more for me enough for the day even eating a snack at some point and I think that this budget would also work for those who prefer to go to the supermarket or perhaps opt for fast food chains where they can eat cheaper