How much does it cost to travel to Madrid in 2022?

How much does it cost to travel to Madrid in 2022?

Talking about a trip of three nights, three full days and the budget would be 262 Euros. In fact, the equivalents will be appearing on the screen in those two currencies, but now I’ll explain what kind of trip I’m thinking and it’s not only about the three nights .
But about being a moderate style traveler of those who are looking for good value for money and who normally travel accompanied by another person with whom they are going to share expenses as important as the hotel room in which they are going to be staying.
In this way that this budget is per person but as I say I shared I agree with the person you are traveling with if this budget seems too high to you, simply travel alone or you prefer a room in a hostel where you only pay for your bed. alternative of 121 Euros.

150 US Dollars

Which would be something like 3 thousand Mexican pesos 150 US dollars with this you already have the budget but now let’s go with the breakdown and from the outset how Madrid saw it with this is positioned as one of the economic European capitals to travel on everything.
If we compare it with destinations in the European union so it will be a very good alternative when we are traveling through Europe but now if we start with the breakdown of every detail and I will start with the lodging which is something .
We cannot stop paying for and although it is in Madrid not in high season you can easily find good rooms well located in the center for example where i am another for about 60 Euros a night with capacity for two people in this way that for three nights we would talk about 180 euro.

Three nights for 16 Euros

I told you as we are dividing with our travel companion it would only be 90 Euros this amount is what we can reduce when we search staying in a hostel and only paying for our room in this way we could pay up to 20 euros a night and have our three nights for 16 Euros in all the trips .
I have made to Madrid I have liked to stay near the center because you have all the attractions are close, even walking, for example, on this occasion you choose generator, which are hostels but also offer private rooms with their own bathroom and are only 8 minutes from the place .
Where I find the main square, but half a minute from the Gran Vía since they are practically located on the corner so definitely staying in the center can be super good An alternative to be able to walk to the main attractions and save a lot of time and also money on transport routes.

21 Euros for transport

In fact for those who want to know my different recommendations for accommodation other alternatives other places in which I have been staying good on my site website you can find a section called where to stay .
There is a special section of Madrid for those who want to see all these recommendations I will leave them in the comments section as well as in the description of the video Now the next point I was halfway ahead of them and that is transportation.
If we compare it with other European capitals it is quite cheap and it also has the advantage of being connected by metro to Madrid’s airport city so if it is your way of arrival you can definitely save a lot of money and here we all I would like to pay 21 Euros for transport for these three days.

Purchases 10 trips in Madrid

Here I have broken down how I am considering it for tickets and purchases 10 trips in Madrid together will be a little cheaper than one trip per trip so there is the first saving advice and we will talk of 12.20 Euros for 2021.
If we add to that the issuance of the card because we still do not have it, we add 2.5 Euros and in this way we have 14 points left 7 but if we consider that we arrived from the airport and we leave the airport Aíto wanted to add another six Euros since there is a surcharge for going to the airport of three Euros each way.
This way comes out at almost 21 Euros of which I was talking about at the beginning of course that if we are going to move the metro more because we are going through an area a a little further away maybe there we will have to spend more .

Well-known gastronomy

If we suddenly arrive through bus or train stations we can save those six Euros but for this budget So we will consider the 21 I continue with the topic of food and the truth is that I enjoy eating a lot in Madrid- since it not only has well-known gastronomy but also at a very good price.
We are going to find in many restaurants and menus that include first second course dessert drink and bread and normally they will be around between 8 and 25 Euros obviously depending on what you choose and in what place but for example I have been eating near this area 100% tourist area in restaurants that are also local I have managed very good menus for 12 Euros .
So I followed what I would recommend that they leave for meals as for breakfast it may or may not be included in your accommodation in my case not so I think that between three and five Euros is more than enough to have breakfast in some of the most popular places here in the center of Madrid and well, dinner would finally be left where if you have to invest at least a few q fifteen Euros .

Fast food options range from five Euros

Because it is usually more expensive in this way that I am proposing an average menu in places with good value for money but nothing that is super luxury or eating a lot or drinking a lot that can raise your bills so if you consider With this budget I would tell you that with thirty Euros at least it is what I spend approximately per day.
If it seems expensive to you, do not worry because there are many alternatives to lower these 30 Euros per day and suddenly go for fast food options than the menus they range from five Euros or go to buy food at the supermarket or something and it is ready and its cost will also go down a lot also if you cook or simply go for a sandwich there again for less than five Euros you can end up eating with which even ten Euros could be enough per day .
If you know how to optimize it i follow the attractions and another good news about Madrid is that there are going to be a lot free, so places like where I am, which is the Plaza Mayor, the Puerta del Sol, the Parque del Retiro, the Palacio de Cristal, are not going to cost anything, and that is going to be great for our budget.

Madrid cost ten Euros

And in fact, the complete list of free things that are you can do it in Madrid as well as free schedules even of very popular museums and attractions so we are going to consider the costs of each of these attractions and I am going to start with the Prado museum’ this has a cost of 15 Euros and you simply arrive and buy your ticket or 33 Euros .
If you prefer to do it with a guide and not stand in line at the time of your arrival, on the other hand, the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, which is also one of the most i important attractions in Madrid cost ten Euros the guided visit to the santiago bernabéu stadium costs 15 Euros while the price of the royal palace in Madrid varies between 11 and 13 Euros depending on the season i know i am leaving out museums and attractions .

Free tours

We’re talking about a short trip so I went for the main cost ones considering that we are going to complement it with the list of free things that are done in Madrid and I think that for the time we have it will be more than enough I have to add one activity and it will be one of those free tours that are carried out around the city and that I think is one of the best ways to enter a place.
Especially when it is the first time you visit it since you are accompanied by a guide walking around the main places in the city and it will begin to explain to you what the story is really about and even give you advice on where to eat and what to eat.
There are more things to do and that is why I love to start my trips with this kind of free tours that are carried out in different parts of the world and that are only managed by tip at the end I would highly recommend that you do it.