How much does it cost to travel to Lisbon, Portugal?

How much does it cost to travel to Lisbon, Portugal?

How much does it cost to travel to Lisbon, Portugal?

I will tell you in advance that I am talking about a trip of three days and three nights for a moderate budget, that is, travelers who are looking for well-located hotels with good value for money, not to mention maximum luxury, because they prefer to optimize their budget and Well, the budget for this type of traveler is going to be 336 euros per person, which is equivalent to approximately 8,000 Mexican pesos or about 400 US dollars.

In fact, the equivalents will be appearing on the screen taken at the current rate so that they have a reference but always remember to check it in a currency converter so that you know how much it would cost the day you are going to make your trip .

This budget may seem high for some who come with a more moderate budget and who even prefer to stay in rooms of hostel that is to say where you are only going to pay for your bed and you share a room so if you are looking to save money.

The Budget To Turn

It will be possible I will also present you how to lower this budget to turn it into a much cheaper one and here we would talk about less than two hundred euros but since it was in the quantities now let’s go with the breakdown and start with the accommodation.

I am thinking of moderate budget travelers who are looking for good value for money and this means that if you are looking for accommodation of this style in the center of Lisbon, that would be the area that I would recommend.

For 70 euros you can already get a double room with a private bathroom, so we are talking about 210 euros for the 3 of us. However, we are sharing with someone on this trip, that is, with the person we are traveling with, so we are only going as a traveler to be added 105 euros .

 Good Quite Cheap Prices

We are going to find the first difference with that single traveler who also wants to save as much as possible and therefore only wants to pay for his bed in a hostel room because we can already find good hostels for 20 euros in Lisbon per night.

If it is your type of accommodation, instead of adding 105 euros, you can only set aside 60 euros and that is the first great saving that you are going to find in this budget i continue with the meals and i love eating in Lisbon.

It is a destination where you can find very good food at quite cheap prices especially if we compare it with the rest of the euro zone it is in this way that the complete menus During the day they are easily offered, you can get them for less than ten euros.

 Very Good Budget

Even in tourist areas and I am already talking about complete meals with which it would be the only thing that would have to be added for the hour and breakfast is not yet included in your accommodation there I would recommend you set aside about five euros for each day you are while at dinner.

If we are going to have to pay a little more so I think that if he does not come it is very limited twenty euros is a very good budget and therefore I would talk about Besides, it is 35 euros per day to eat in Lisbon, again we are talking about 105 euros per person.

Which again can be reduced a lot if you come in a much cheaper way because supermarket food already pared or even fast food menus and if you decide to cook because you have this alternative in the place where you are staying, you can definitely save a lot of money a day.

 Alternative For The Travelers

I tell you food is not exactly expensive in this country but for this budget we are going to add 105 euros now the next expense to consider is going to be transport and well here it is a little more confusing than in other destinations in the world since depending on it.

The type of public transport you use it will be the cost just like if you buy several trips or you pay directly on the bus but so as not to complicate things I will tell you that the full day of unlimited transport in Lisbon costs 6.40 euros .

This could be an alternative for the travelers we are talking about about 20 euros for three days already of unlimited transportation but here I am going to give you some advice if you come to do tourism in Lisbon very likely you will want to see the main attractions.

Complement The Information Much Better

Here it may be much more convenient for you to go to Lisbon here it is a card that combines both attractions and unlimited transportation and if you know how to use it well you can save a lot of money if you buy the one from three days it will cost you 42 euros .

You can separate your activities by seeing what accommodation I recommend and all the details you need to organize your trip, so remember that these are always accompanied by written guides where you can complement the information much better .

I connect it with other websites where you can reserve everything you need for your u travel so good I’m going to leave that link for this Lisbon card that could even be picked up directly at the airport and thus have from the first moment they arrive and even start using it.

Optimize Their Budget

It on the public transport that connects the airport to the city because this It is a very useful alternative in Lisbon for those who want to optimize their budget to the maximum , however in this case I am not going to recommend it to everyone.

I am even going to add to the budget the cost of airport hotel transport in taxi format and the reason is this Lisbon is characterized by having very steep streets, there are several slopes that we will find in some very popular neighborhoods where you can end up staying that the streets are cobbled.

Some are small alleys, so if you arrive with a lot of luggage, I definitely do not recommend that you use public transport my advice would be to check very well exactly where your accommodation is, what would be the trans how many transfers would you have left so that you can decide if it suits you or not to take it but I think that in many cases it will not be the most functional.