How is the train in Europe? The most important 10 facts you need to know.

How is the train in Europe? The most important 10 facts you need to know.

How is the train in Europe? The most important 10 facts you need to know.

Now start with this list of mistakes when traveling by train in Europe. And precisely the first is to think that always the train is the best means of transport, followers constantly approach me to ask me about certain routes.

How would it be perhaps a Madrid Paris thinking that the train will always be the best alternative and the reality is that in many cases not all routes they are covered by trains so the train is not always going to be the fastest or the cheapest .

I continue with the fact that on many occasions if you find the route you will have to change and perhaps if you do not master the language like Germany for example it could become complicated and finally if the train works very well in some European countries .

The train almost 60 Euros

But definitely not in all and here I give you an example to go between Denmark and berlin the plane has a cost of less than 40 Euros while the train almost 60 Euros in addition to which involves a transfer while the bus would be direct which can be much easier.

And only costs 22 Euros between Rome and Barcelona going by train would be possible but it would involve more than 4 changes and a cost of 164 Euros and more than 16 hours of travel while a plane is achieved for less than 30 Euros and is direct .

So if some routes can go very well by train but definitely not all of them so let’s not go with that idea Europe is made up of 50 countries and in some the train is going to be efficient and in others definitely not and by the way .

A route through eastern Europe

If you want to see this in more detail I did a route through eastern Europe I start in Italy but I end up in Turkey, visiting several countries in this area and where I just taught them the different ways of getting around and I didn’t use the train there because it wasn’t a good alternative for these trips I was doing.

So whoever is interested in a cheap trip and different for Europe on the screen they are seeing the route and the detailed video already available on the next mistake when we talk about trains is not buying in advance and that is what some believe to improvise and the last minute can be cheap .

But definitely not going to do it in the case of trains and here is an example of this journey between Madrid and barcelona here you can see the cost when it is purchased in advance and I am talking about more two months before the day of the trip .

A ticket goes from 20 to 100 Euros

While here the price is tripled because we are buying it the same day of the trip or for the next day so there you can see what to buy in advance can save you a lot of money I really am talking about that Prices triple.

I have seen cases where a ticket goes from 20 to 100 Euros. This happens in many destinations and many routes, so be very careful with this issue and know where to buy your tickets safely and in advance.

There are routes where the rate is dynamic, so the cost can change quite a bit. Buying at the station’s machines is still an alternative, but as you saw, in some cases it will take away not only time but also money, and now I am talking about buying tickets in advance.

The price is fixed

Train tickets but this is going to apply especially in long distances because there are some very common routes that leave throughout the day and that it is not necessary to buy them in advance and a very popular example for tourists is Pisa and Florence there .

For example these trains leave throughout the day several times every hour and the price is fixed and in fact on many occasions you cannot even buy them in advance online so it is important that in that difference .

It is because it is a train of this style while if they do the exercise start of trying to buy for the next day and they see it as very expensive but in a couple of months it is cheaper well there we normally talk about long distance and also within not confusing the type of train.

We check the routes

It is important that we check that sometimes there are routes that we go to see very expensive and others very cheap to go between the same cities but precisely normally there will be a difference if we talk about the same day of travel with the type of train that we are going to go one will be much faster and more comfortable.

The other it’s going to be much cheaper but also much slower and now I’ll give you the example of Rome’ to Florence that has these two alternatives and there you can see the difference in costs and time and now precisely in the trains that I gave you as an example the one for pizza to Florence that any time you arrive .

You buy your ticket and it has a fixed price normally these do not have a seat or assigned time or date this means that you could use it c any day you decide, but precisely so that you are not using the same ticket many times and thus committing this trap.

Put the ticket with turnstiles

What is done before boarding is to validate your ticket, that is, you bought the ticket, but you have to put it in a machine before boarding to how to notify that you are going to get on that train and that the validity of the ticket begins and this is a very common mistake among travelers from Latin America.

Who are not used to this system we are used to the fact that there is always a security filter with a person who check a place where you can put the ticket with turnstiles and with that your ticket was validated.

But in these cases as travelers we are in charge of looking for these machines in many European countries for many routes if you have doubts and it is valid or not better go ask someone from the staff before getting on the train so that they avoid a fine that can exceed one hundred Euros and so that those who want to know.

A very good prices

How or it is validated well once you have your ticket you only take it to the machines like the ones you are seeing in the video and the income in case it is from the old machines where the time and date where you start using it will be printed or those that are electronic, like this other example in Portugal, see that.

When I bring the ticket to the machine a green light comes on and that means that the error has already been validated, the more it is not to check exactly which station you have to arrive at and that is destinations like Vienna wanted to get off one more has to do with checking what luggage .

I have included and it is that if the trend of low-cost airlines reached the trains and there are already some that we find at very good prices such as the routes that They are carried out between Madrid and Barcelona, which are relatively new.