How is it to live in a hotel?

How is it to live in a hotel?

Introduction of How is it to live in a hotel?

I am a digital nomad, that is to say, my work is on a computer and does not depend on a certain place and that is why I can move to different places in the world and well that is the way in which I can support this lifestyle where I travel permanently .

I know that it is a very frequent doubt and closely related to what I am going to talk about today and It is that yes, well, a big question is how he generated money, I have already explained it and for those who want more details and how they can start in this type of world.

Today I want to talk to you about hosting because obviously it is not the same make a weekend getaway or a couple of weeks where you can spend a lot of money in a hotel that will turn it into a permanent lifestyle where you can optimize your resources .

The tourism And Specifically

This lifestyle can be viable and that is obviously not what I myself travel on vacation a couple of weeks a year than do it permanently because expenses have to be managed differently and that is why I wanted to share what this alternative is that I just discovered this year and that I began to apply .

It is basically about living in hotels with the pandemic there were two phenomena in tourism and specifically I am referring to hotels on the one hand many of these were left unoccupied It’s because there were fewer travelers .

On the other hand many people discovered that they could work from anywhere because they could really do home office work online and that allowed them not only to be at home but also suddenly to be able to take breaks and work from other places of the world .

The Equivalent Of One Month

These two phenomena together have caused several hotels to transform their business model and will also begin to offer long stays for travelers. In this way, instead of booking overnight as we are used to, they give you the opportunity to book for 30 nights or the equivalent of one month.

In this way you pay less and they also ensure that your accommodation will be occupied, this model especially became popular in the most critical months when there was less tourism, however some accommodations still maintain

It and some even offer you some alternatives that make it even more tempting as it is the case of the hotels where I have been staying in recent weeks that allows you not only to be in a single accommodation.

 Accommodations Per Month

Even to combine three accommodations per month in the same hotel chain but in different destinations that have the site and in this way it gives you also some flexibility of not spending 30 nights in the same place this is not an advertisement

I know they are going to be asking me where in the world or what chains offer it and well basically I have done it with Celina in the last weeks in 2021, but more than the program they have, I wanted to make you aware of this form of accommodation that you will find in other hotel chains.

Long- Stay Travelers

I will find them from different chains I am going to leave them to you because I know that it is relevant and interesting information but again without wanting to promote or tell them to stay in a specific one, only that they know of course that not all hotels are going to be offered

Not all chains offer this alternative of changing destinations, but we do find more and more this way of traveling where we seek to offer travelers different alternatives because one of the great advantages of this type of accommodation and these long stays is that normally the internet is usually the key

It is that long- stay travelers normally understand that they are going to have to be connected to send work and in the end they cannot be disconnected, so a good internet connection becomes basic and these accommodations usually offer it as a key element even in these that I am staying.

The Facilities Of The Accommodation

It is  also in several more that And reviewed, you have the alternative of entering the co working area, which are exclusive spaces for work, since when you stay in a private room, as is my case on these trips, well, you usually already have some work space on your desk and, of course, an internet connection.

But when you are perhaps in shared rooms for those who like this type of accommodation, it may be that you require a more professional space for work and that is why access to these areas is important in addition to the fact that it will give you access to the rest of the facilities of the accommodation such as the pool, the gardens and, well, any extra area that your hotel may have, well, it is a great advantage of being like this.

The Costs Go By Destination And The Cheapest One

One of the differences compared to being in the hotel in the normal format is that other services were perhaps going to be changed there How would the cleaning be? Most of the accommodations in these formats just as they are going to offer you a cheaper price than p At night they will also tell you that Cleaning Is Only Going To Be Done every third day or weekly.

Which is usually the most common and also you will not always have breakfast included, there it depends a lot on the accommodation and now let’s go with the big question of the cost and Well, I can tell you that this year I have been testing with the Celina chain.

In this case, the costs go by destination and the cheapest ones are going to be found in Latin America, where shared rooms start at 450 US dollars for a month, that is, 9. thousand Mexican pesos while if you prefer a private room you will pay from 810 US dollars to just over 16 thousand Mexican pesos in Europe prices range from 780 US dollars for shared rooms, that is, just under 16 thousand Mexican pesos with 1,200 US dollars for private rooms that is approximately 25 thousand Mexican pesos important in some destinations Despite being a long stay.

Transportation To Reach Your Destination

They can charge you the tourist tax and this will vary depending on the place you want to visit, so always check it so you do not get a surprise and well, I know that this can be an excellent option for everyone those who are already digital nomads .

For those who manage to manage long stays with their jobs working from another destination but well what happens if that is not my case if I still have not managed to be a digital nomad if I just graduated and I do not know how to start well there I know .

It would be difficult to obtain even this amount that, although it may be economic to a certain extent, is still important money and to which there is still another type of expense to be added, such as transportation to reach your destination.