How do I process the health passport to travel to Europe?

How do I process the health passport to travel to Europe?

Introduction of How do I process the health passport to travel to Europe?

You are going to travel to Europe and you want to process the famous green pass health passport or basically that QR code that allows you to check your health status and therefore gives you access to be traveling between the different countries of the European Union .

We already know that currently health issues are something else that we have to review At the time of traveling, the reopening of the European continent and specifically the European Union, which is one of the countries that I am basically going to be talking about in this video, because it began a few months ago, first reopening to same member countries.

Important health requirements

And from summer 2021 he also commented on a reopening with citizens of countries outside the European Union Of course, with important health requirements such as in some cases the vaccine or even carrying out some tests, it is in this way that many currently want to travel and want to have that famous digital certificate that allows them to demonstrate this state of health and that gives them the freedom to leave.

Moving between the member countries of the European Union, however, the situation is not as simple as it seemed. And let’s start by saying that there is not a single health pass but many, basically each country has imposed a system to verify the health status of its citizens.

Being vaccinated

More specifically the vaccination status in this way that depending on where you get vaccinated they will give you a receipt and normally that becomes your health phase or you have to put it in some system to be able to request it in the case of the European Union a health pass does not necessarily mean being vaccinated .

You can also get it if you have done a test ba whose result has been negative or also if you have recovered from the disease and also in the case of the European Union there is not a single body that issues them.

Each country is responsible for issuing its certificate and what has been agreed is that you have a common design so that it can be recognized among the different countries in this way I will give you the example if I get vaccinated In Spain my certificate will be issued to me.

Travel to other countries

When I want to travel to other countries will also be valid as long as when we talk about countries of the European Union or countries that are recognizing it, well, all those who have been vaccinated in these countries have no problem.

However, the complexity begins with all those who were vaccinated outside the European Union, which I know is a large part of the public that follows this channel and that there they seek to find a certificate that may be common but they are already forward to it, this does not exist.

They will not have to carry out a single procedure that it gives them access to all the countries of the European Union but that they are going to have to go country by country processing what is requested in order to be able to verify their state of health.

Case of Spain

I begin with the case of Spain, one of the most open to tourism at an international level and good to enter this country you have to obtain a kind of pass that basically is a QR code that is a health form where you are going to enter various information, among which is the vaccine that you received the dates and doses based on this information and the time of your trip .

A certificate is issued that will be valid for your trip to Spain and that will normally be requested at the time of boarding your plane to Spain as well as upon arrival It may be that despite the fact that this form has already given you the QR code when you enter Spain, they ask you to go through a review where you show the documents that support this certificate.

Countries of the European Union

Since if you said you were vaccinated with Johnson and Johnson you have to bring a digital or physical receipt that supports this and For those who ask me if the paper formats are valid if the card issued by the tdc to all those who are vaccinated in the United States is being received both by Spain and by many of the countries of the European Union .

So that would be your receipt and in the case of countries like Mexico where ballots are delivered in many cases If they are being received by the countries but the The greatest difficulty that some travelers are encountering is rather from Mexico.

At the moment they want to board their plane to Spain, some airlines are requesting the QR code that is issued after a time of having had the two ballots, so this information would have to be reviewed with their airlines .

Travel from Spain to France

I know from followers that some have been able to enter with the ballots while others have told them to reschedule their flights until they have the QR code Another country that has reopened world tourism and that also requests the health pass is France And again this country has its own

Therefore, if I travel from Spain to France, the one from Spain does not work for me, in fact the one from Spain you must process only for the time you are going to be in this country and at the time you travel to France .

You have to have your own here for the case of France it is not requested as such at the time of admission But if they are going to be asking you In many moments of the trip, whether you want to eat in a restaurant, enter a museum or any tourist attraction.

Use of the green pass

It is very important that you have this health pass because of its importance and because of the different ways to process it. I have already made a specific video where I tell you my experience in France.

The step by step of this pass, so for those who want to verify it, the information is already available. ia from Spain if they are going to be asking you at various times of the trip as I say even to sit down to eat in a restaurant again .

This certificate in principle will only be valid for the time they are in France however as if it has a validity a QR code, many travelers even use some extra days on their trips that they have in other countries of the world, as would be the case of Italy, another country that is also increasingly demanding with the use of the green pass as it is known in this country.

Performing an antigen

European and well this basically has the same function as the previous ones to have your health registration through a QR code But again the green pass as such It can only be obtained by those who have been vaccinated in Italy.

If this is not your case there are alternatives such as present your own vaccination card in case it is not accepted, you would also have the alternative of performing an antigen test or PCR because I told you from the beginning these health passes are not only vaccines but you can also register other types of tests and this would also help you so that you can make your trip