How do I book cheap accommodation step by step?

How do I book cheap accommodation step by step?

How do I book cheap accommodation step by step?

How do I book my accommodation and what is the cheapest way to do it? how I get a cheap hotel or cheap accommodation in general and the truth is that since I think that the theme of cheap is going to apply a lot, it is expensive.

So here I am not going to show you the cheapest but what best suits a trip and that also meets our expectations because sometimes the cheapest hotels are going to be found on the outskirts of the cities in areas that are not the safest .

Where there is not the best transportation and that we are going to end up losing so much paying for taxis that in the end it will be more expensive, so I am going to show you the best way to optimize trips depending on the destinations you are going to visit and tell you the factors .

Use a comparator

What they should consider and the first thing I would tell them is to use a comparator to be able to verify several accommodations in a single search. I use booking and in fact it is the one that has accommodated me much more because of the way it allows you to manage reservations. and see different characteristics of the accommodations .

So I am going to base myself on this one but good that you know that there are more that work in very similar ways so it is simply to use it as an example in the first place from my cost dotcom world website you can already find the booking search box.

Well that way they guarantee that they go to the official website and only in the little box that I tell them is the book search engineering as such we are going to put our destination and it is important that we are careful 1 in cities that have the same name.

Focus on city centers

Because they already know that this happens to be sure that if we are looking in the correct country and the second I normally focus on city centers because if I put Barcelona, well, Barcelona is very ig, but if I go for a tourist trip.

What hope is to be close to the attractions such as the holy family, the houses of Gaudí, the park güel based on that, it will give me several results of accommodation that are available, it is important not to be guided by this first list of results that is going to give them in the first place.

Because if those who are sponsored are always going to come out first, then they are people who pay to be at the top and not necessarily the best alternative, although in occasions they can have good promotions also not guide us by the first result.

It is not filtered it simply gives us the results that cr ee that best suit us but they do not have to be the best by default the search will throw me two people so that would be the first thing to modify if you traveled alone you will obviously change one.

If I travel as a family with minors clarify this in the search engine but well, here we are going to leave it for two people, it is going to tell me the number of accommodations found and I think this helps to have an idea when you see that there are very few this happens in very small destinations in small towns it is important to consider .

It because perhaps we have to hurry more to get a place or realize the type of slim in this case it gives us more than 500 results because we are talking about the center of Barcelona quite popular and once we see this it is also important to start filtering.

Different characteristics

I start at the top where I can accommodate the accommodations by different characteristics and that allow you to go for example with if you prefer houses and apartments for those who prefer Ren this type of accommodation.

For example if you want to accommodate them by price from lowest to most expensive also by the best score and lowest price by evaluation and these evaluations are more about the guests they are not the typical stars of before but here the evaluations.

That the same booking guests also give stars and prices an option distance to some point of interest or the most valued ones I normally start with the filter of best score and lowest price because well this is going to go by removing quite a few that are not so good also basic for me.

Cost per night

It turns out filtering by cost per night because why do you want super luxury hotels to appear that may not be at all in your budget or also on the other hand super cheap hotels that sometimes make you distrust some destinations.

So definitely I also filter about the price range that I bring so that bad travelers do not appear as results I know that I already try to avoid those, of course, for me the private bathroom is essential, so with these three filters it will be much more established.

What I am looking for is another filter that is also very important, it is the one for facilities, especially when I go to a beach destination, maybe it has a swimming pool, it seems basic to me, or it has access to the beach, this type of thing can be very important for certain destinations.

The accessibility of the rooms

In the case of Barcelona, don’t care, I just look for my room, it’s not even that I think it has a pool because it could be something that raises the cost of accommodation and that I really don’t plan to use, so that’s why.

Here they could filter that will also be important and finally accessibility is very important and suddenly they go with people with wheelchairs who don’t can climb stairs this is very important because some accommodations can be incredible but suddenly they do not have an elevator and have to go upstairs suitcase and they are not always going to help you.

So always being prepared for this would be very important so reviewing the accessibility of the rooms would be basic and of the hotel in general and I think that with this filtering these results we would already have the most important thing is this So with all these filters, well, I already know what type of accommodation