Errors in traveling to Barcelona in 2022

Errors in traveling to Barcelona in 2022

Errors in traveling to Barcelona in 2022

We are talking about characteristics in Catalonia here if Catalan is spoken but also in Spanish it is used by the population I mention this because many make the mistake of having afraid of speaking in Spanish because they believe that it will bother them of course that there will be people who can happen as in any destination in the world however with Spanish

They will have no problem getting around the city and of course even English in areas very touristy in terms of organization a common mistake made by travelers is to leave everything at the last minute in general in Europe but when you do it in a city like Barcelona

It can be quite expensive and it is considered that it is one of the most visited in Spain and in all of Europe with which the best accommodation and even some attractions are sold out with time so as soon as you know you want to come to .

A good place to stay

This city definitely start booking of course we live in complicated times and it changes so look for it to be modifiable but keep setting aside your seats so that you have some certainty that you are not going to miss the most important and of course you will have a good place to stay for those who want to know what accommodation I recommend and above all what areas of the city

I already have a text on my website diagonal where to stay focused on Barcelona where I talk to you about the different areas of the city and the advantages and disadvantages of the accommodations

If that would be considered one more mistake and it is not considered Well where are you going to stay in the first place you have to know that it is a big city with different areas in which you can stay and be well connected and close to the attractions .

Use public transport

If you want to see the main ones of the city at some point you will use public transport so being close to a metro station you will normally be very well connected despite this if you have to be careful with certain neighborhoods that do not have the best reputation

It can be dangerous to walk for some hours of the day or well that many travelers are noticed so you can investigate the areas where you can stay is also basic and about the attractions that I recommend you book in advance definitely your place in the Sagrada familia remember

We live in times where capacity is limited on the other hand too I would tell you that the park güell is a basic and remember that the monumental area if you have to buy a ticket currently They are not running out as much as in past years, but in any case.

The Gaudí’s houses

It is important that you consider Gaudí’s houses la Pedrera and Casa Bat in the same way, which would be the main ones. It is also important that you book before your visit so that you can ensure in this way your site and remember that on my website Mundos dotcom and in the written guide

I make about Barcelona there I put links so that you can reserve your site in these attractions and more of Barcelona and since I am in attractions of course neither you can miss one of those tours that are carried out by walking around the city and that are an excellent way to enter a place basically these tours are free because they do not have a cost and you only have to register

If you are expected to give a tip at the end so whoever is interested in reserving their site will also find it available in the description of the video in the featured comment and of course this in the complete guide that you find about Barcelona a mistake in Barcelona also if you want to optimize your budget is not to look at the different types of transport tickets that you will find I think it is a city.

Great recommendation

You really enjoy walking and it is my great recommendation if you come with time but in any case I warned you that there are certain projects where we are going to optimize much more if we use public transport that is quite efficient and that is made up of buses, metro, trams and trains, so what alternatives are we going to find and the important thing

You check that flying everything is better for your type of trip I for three- day visits which in fact is what I propose in my video of how much does it cost to travel to Barcelona well I think buying one for ten trips is more That’s enough and here’s a change because a few years ago the series was called if it was a card

You could share with other people but currently you don’t this card is casually called the purchases in any of the machines that you find in the metro and for ten journeys the cost will be less than 12 euros while if you bought for each journey that you make we will talk about two euros and 40 cents this means that you are saving half for having bought 10 trips, yes, now the card is personal.

Save good money

You can no longer share it with your other travel companions, but in any case you save good money and I think that 10 trips is a good average for a tourist visit in Barcelona and of course when using public transport do not forget to validate your transport in the metro there is no problem

we have to pass our ticket for the turnstile to open but when we use the public buses or the tram we are the ones who we have to look for the machines to enter it and that ours is validated and this is important that in the cards that are of On several trips,

We do it whenever it is necessary and important, even tickets that have only one valid trip, it is important that you do not throw them away until you leave the transport, this also happens in the subway, although if you necessarily passed through the turnstiles,

The metro and in transport

It is for this security and already valid that your ticket can sometimes be asked for at the exit or you can find random reviews in the subways and if you don’t take it with you, even if you have paid and validated it, they will end up making one more mistake if it has what to do with being very careful with your belongings the metro and in trans ort

I know and in any tourist area of the city as we l as in the mouths of always carry your bag well closed in front of you avoid putting things in tied pockets that can easily end up being taken out because it really is one of the cities where you are going to face more of this and about crime where if you are confronted by a good person.

Full budget breakdown

We have to consider that in Barcelona these cases already occur, so we shouldn’t trust ourselves too much because sometimes Latin Americans tell me that they already come from such dangerous destinations that they won’t have any problems in Europe,

In many European neighbors and we have to be careful what neighborhoods we get into and at what times to avoid any inconvenience during our trip Barcelona is not considered a precisely cheap city in Spain in fact whoever wants to see the full budget breakdown i already have that video and you can consult it but Precisely because it is not cheap.