Don’t pay taxes on your trip to Europe 

Don't pay taxes on your trip to Europe 

Don’t pay taxes on your trip to Europe

I recovered the money from a cell phone that I bought in Malaysia and really this process is replicated in most countries in the world in the same way but here it will vary a bit since we are talking about several countries that work together so that’s why I’m going to explain how it would work in this area of the world .

If you don’t reside in a country of the European Union you have he right to recover your taxes when ou go to leave these countries so this means that you can collect the purchases made in the member countries.

At the end when you are going to leave the country and of course do it in the p legal period of 90 days, which would be the equivalent for tourists, well at that moment you show up at the airport you show that you are going to take that merchandise .

Change Depending On The Country

They will return what you paid to go to the entrance I will tell them that this The amount will change depending on the country, but the truth is that if you can accumulate in different countries and only when you leave the European Union, then it would be when you claim this important amount.

The minimum imposed by each member country of the European Union. it varies, for example, in Austria the minimum purchase amount is 75 points 0 1 euros, while in Portugal we speak of 50 euros, therefore it is very important that you verify the minimum necessary at the time of purchase .

It applies as purchases without taxes, and that is that it is not allowed to put together several tickets from different stores to make this minimum, what you can do is buy several products in the same store to make the It adds up, but well, it begins by explaining what it applies to.

The Tax Free Sign

From the outset it would not be in everything, for example, food services, lodging, this will not apply, it will only apply to products and you will find a minimum depending on the place where you buy and if some stores they allow you to put together several receipts from several purchases .

At the end when you know that you are not going to buy any more you can request a joint return but not in other stores and the purchase has to be for the minimum that they request from the beginning so this investigate it very well because even.

If you are going to buy in the same store but in different branches it may be that one rule or another applies to you and apart from these considerations that you check that the store in which you are going to buy actually has the tax free sign .

The Information Is Already Verified

Therefore, the taxes can be returned to you at the moment that this information is already verified. It is important that before paying you tell the person who is going to charge you. r that you are going to want the tax free because they are going to ask you for some documents such as the passport that proves that you are not actually a national of those countries and therefore you have the right.

Always take it with you if you are looking for this kind of purchase they will give you a form already with the necessary information for the refund of your taxes as well as the equivalent that can vary and well since you have this information really the only thing you have to do during your trip is to gather those papers.

I repeat is not the ticket but already a form that even the person requests because it is usually one of the first mistakes of travelers simply to collect their tickets but not having requested the refund and the store has to do a different process the refund will have to be requested at the airport .

Two Different Steps

In two different steps and it is that in the first place it is going to be in the public area of the airpot where anyone has access you will have to look for the tax free modules and there you will present these papers that you have been collecting during your trip and that can be from several countries .

It is why this is done at your last destination where you will be taken out of the European Union there it is important that you go before you have left your suitcase but once you have your boarding pass since there you are going to show the person in case they ask you.

You are actually carrying the product because a trick that would actually be a trick would be that maybe you buy something from a friend who lives in the European Union but in reality you are not going to take it with you and you only want the tax to be refunded.

Travel With Hand Luggage

To prevent this from happening before deliver your suitcase that is documented or if you travel with hand luggage there would be no problem you have to show the person that you are actually taking the product

They also do not make the mistake of going to document the suitcase send it to the hold of the plane and then want to carry out this process because if they ask them to show the merchandise there they will not return anything because they would have no way of proving that they are taking the luggage at this point the person goes to us to give a document.

It verifies that you have already inspected our merchandise and we can now follow our normal process you are going to deliver your bags in case they are going to be taken to the hold of the plane or carry-on luggage and it will go directly to security .

Second Tax Free Modules

When you you find in this exclusive area for passengers there you will find a few second tax free modules and with the document that they gave you in the previous step there you simply present it and they will return your money they will give you alternatives such as cash .

It be a refund to the card and I would recommend that it be in cash because there they give it to you at the moment and there is no loss to me in cases that I have asked for it come back later through a deposit, well, it didn’t always come to me.

It’s much easier for them to do it that way directly and that’s it, you really take your money with what corresponded to the VAT without any problem and, as I say, accumulating purchases from different countries.

The VAT Without Any Problem

When they are members of the European Union and that you are already demonstrating your exit from these now if you are going to face some problems for example if one of these modules is closed due to hours that you leave perhaps at night yes and well there are alternatives that leave .

It through an envelope and on paper but again when I did it that way I have not received the refund so many purchases are going to be made try to make your flights depart at times that if this office is open also not for me I have had very long lines but sometimes they can be done.