Countries to travel without vaccine

Countries to travel without vaccine

Introduction of Countries to travel without vaccine

If I am not yet vaccinated or I do not have one of the doses that have been approved by most countries or perhaps my proof of vaccination is not yet available this means that I will not be able to travel internationally this is a question that It comes to me very frequently.

We already know that the vaccine is a increasingly important requirement for travel in fact one of the latest most important news we have had comes from the USA a country in which the vaccine will begin to be requested from Travelers starting in November.

In fact, for those who want to know what we know about the rules so far, there is already a video available and of course I will also upload to this channel as soon as we have more confirmed information on exactly what the rules are.

Possibilities of travel

However here let’s focus on the rest of the countries that if there are possibilities of travel even without being vaccinated and well I’m going to start by telling you the countries that do not request a vaccine or quarantine or any test for their entry.

I would start with Mexico the country that has maintained this policy since As long as it is not expected that there will be any change with which travelers do not need to be vaccinated to enter similar status is that of Colombia that currently also receives travelers from all over the world .

Without the need to be vaccinated and the same happens with Costa Rica here the only difference is that if you are not vaccinated, they are going to ask you to take out medical expense insurance. ro in whether the entry is allowed for everyone.

PCR tests

In the case of the Dominican Republic also to many countries they are not requesting my test or vaccine, however to some nations and so there it only remains to check if your country is on the list that requests proof or no, but well.

We have another alternative for it does not go and precisely countries that ask for PCR tests without the need to ask for vaccines are many in fact if we start to review the official lists and those counts that websites make as it is already.

Here we can see what there is more than 50 countries that we could only visit by presenting a PCR test but without the need for the vaccine and we could practically say that it is possible to travel to most of the countries of Central South America and the Caribbean presenting tests without the need for a vaccine.

Find countries to travel

Here are some examples in Central America we find Belize el Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua and panama that are requesting proof from the In most nations there may always be exceptions and it is important for this reason to check with the embassies.

I am also going to leave the links to these sites for those who want to confirm from the country they are traveling to, since this has also become key, both your nationality and from where you are traveling to know if you can enter a country or not and that is why talking about everyone being able to enter it is complicated but here I focus on precisely those that do give access to the majority in South America .

We are also going to find countries like Bolivia brazil Ecuador or Peru that would also be travel alternatives presenting our test and if in some cases we can avoid this test in case of being vaccinated but if they are not, access is still available and that is what I am going to focus on in this video in The rest of North America would not have many alternatives .

Traveling without a vaccine

Because we know that the United States will begin to request a vaccine while Canada already does so from the mo It has reopened but well, in the rest of the world we can continue to find alternatives and some examples worldwide of very popular places are Egypt or the United Arab Emirates.

Where, by presenting your evidence, you can enter Asia, there would be practically no travel possibilities since they request the vaccine or vaccine and quarantine and test so we do not find many tourist alternatives in Europe there are a few countries that if there is the possibility of traveling without a vaccine and presenting tests such as North Macedonia Bulgaria Croatia.

For example even Romania has its own classification of countries and Mexico It is classified as a green country with which Mexicans can enter without the need for requirements, so as you see it, there ends up being some alternatives in the European Union itself, although it can also surprise precisely speaking of Europe.

Approved vaccine

It is very important to consider that there are countries that allowed to enter depending on from where you travel and from there the requirements will come here we are going to find countries like malta or Italy that depending on your travel history may allow you to enter even with proof and without being vaccinated and right here I am going to go into everything Another issue that can be complex.

But that can help those who do have authorization to travel to the European Union but do not have an approved vaccine or entered a country that did allow them and then, well, they are no longer very clear, they can enter more and it is good that we give the example of perhaps someone who was vaccinated with sputnik and is from Argentina but has a second Italian passport and well his passport.

Move to different countries

Because he is from the European Union gives him access to enter the countries and Well, being within the European Union, although your vaccine has not been approved, as if you entered correctly, you could take the rule of which country you come from to be able to move. to other countries the same situation could occur in perhaps an exchange student who, due to age, has not yet been vaccinated in his country.

But who suddenly comes to study in a European country and could also use that rule of where you come from to be able to move to different countries Europeans and only as a requirement, perhaps presenting proof of what is vaccinated if it is up to you here to do it legally.

So here it is very important that we consider this origin that there are countries that consider where you travel from to know what requirements they are going to ask you and that therefore the vaccine does not have to be mandatory as such as many believe, in fact I already made a video for those who want to delve into the subject.

European health pass

For example the European health pass is not only given to those vaccinated, it is given to anyone that you can prove your health status and this can also be done through tests or even recovery from illness with what Which if you already legally agreed you could also get one of these health passes through tests such as the case of France.

If someone entered but does not have a vaccine or approved vaccine, they can still process their health pass through tests is not mandatory nor is it the only requirement to be vaccinated and it is important to investigate very well.

Where we want to go so as not to incur something illegal due to ignorance but also so as not to misunderstand the rules and think that we cannot travel to that place because we do not have the vaccine approved