Countries to travel in November 2022

Countries to travel in November 2022

Introduction of the Countries to travel in November 2022

Which country can you travel from month to month? I have been doing these counts since March, practically 2020. It is especially from June that more reopening began, however, everything began to get so complicated with the requirements that it depends on which country you go to, that I had to take a break.

However, and now that we have a little more clarity between quotes about how the panorama is going, I think it is an opportunity to make a new count, so here I bring you, obviously I cannot go with the more than 190 countries that we have in the world.

Now, when we talk about countries open to tourism, on the one hand, there are going to be countries that do not ask for practically anything, that is, neither tests nor quarantine nor vaccines, then we are going to find another list of countries that allow you to enter with proof.

Have to be vaccinated

I think that here we are going to find one because most of those reopened to tourism are like this they do not force you to go vaccinated and this is very important that they understand because suddenly I see some who believe.

If they do not have a vaccine or not a proven vaccine or their certificate has problems believe that they will not be able to travel so it is good if there are alternatives for that group because many countries ask you for proof but they do not require you to be vaccinated simply.

If you are vaccinated here they begin to remove requirements they make the trip easier for you they do not ask for the test but well this we are going to see that not all there are exceptions and in the third group we are going to find the countries that do if you want to do tourism def Initially you have to be vaccinated and well.

Vaccines are approved

The last one is the United States, we already know that from November 8 they start requesting a vaccine, they still need to give us several details or more than many, we still do not know how certain cases are going to be if we know what vaccines are approved.

Which are the ones for emergency use by the who and we know that it leaves us out to hell with sputnik but well at least we already have an advanced list waiting for more to be added so well that’s the very global panorama telling you that when we talk about tourism openings.

We are going to talk about three big cases I am going to start with the easiest ones not those that do not ask you in the first group neither test nor quarantine nor vaccine in this case Mexico is going to be maintained.

National trips

Which would be the great example of the country reopened all the time and that has not changed policies so for those who keep asking me if they are needed for national trips well no yes not even was foreigners or nationals who enter Mexico are asked for a test – for national trips so they can not worry suddenly there had been talk .

If they were going to ask him in Cancun in certain destinations but the truth is that we don’t have well nothing confirmed that has already been said for several weeks no progress so they could go without worrying then another country.

We have the case of Costa Rica another country that is currently not asking for tests and is not vaccinating either the only thing is that if you do not go vaccinated you It is going to make you pay for medical expenses insurance.

Colombia an easy country

How it is going to deal with foreign tourists a similar country very open to tourism and without requirements it would also be Colombia an easy country to visit currently it does not ask for a test or a vaccine quarantine also very similar to this Dominican Republic that here not to all countries of the world has its exceptions but to a large part it is very easy to travel.

If you travel from Mexico from Argentina from the USA you will not have requirements now there is another country with this similar status at least for Mexicans and it is in Europe and it would be Romania and even It belongs to the European Union.

It is a country that could be admitted because it has its own list of safe, medium-safe countries and so He has classified countries like Mexico and more in Latin America as safe, this means that he does not ask for any entry requirements.

America, South America and the Caribbean.

So this is not worldwide, but it would give access to many in the world, so well, there we have the first great list for Well, I’m going to be here, listen to you, I’m also going to be consulting so as not to misinform you, here I have the computer.

In fact, I’m just reviewing the article that is already available on my website with all this count for those who want to see more information details. You already know that I always leave you extra information and that is precisely where I am finishing consulting this information.

Because I do not know all of it by heart and the countries that ask for PCR tests to travel I already told you that they are the majority here we are practically going to find almost all of them those of Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

United Arab Emirates

So you can practically visit this part of the American continent without needing to of being vaccinated but presenting proof and only in cases like Ecuador if you are vaccinated you no longer present proof but if you are not vaccinated you can still enter .

I say here it is the majority but I am going to give you examples abroad as well because there are also countries that ask me a lot like United Arab Emirates Egypt Turkey that are not in the American continent that are very touristy and that are not demanding that you go vaccinated.


Good at the list is made up of Bahamas Belize brazil Bulgaria Croatia Ecuador Egypt that el Salvador had already told them united Arab emirates also that i had already told them Slovenia Georgia Guatemala Haiti Honduras Jordan north Macedonia Nicaragua Peru Serbia and turkey these countries .

I recounted the principals that allow access check I am seeing that someone asks greece greece is not is on the list is not in this count and it is because it is one of the countries that has strong restrictions by nationality .

So it does not matter where you travel from if you are from certain countries like mexico because at the moment we cannot enter some are using small legal loopholes income by land from certain countries to enter.