Cambian requirements to travel to France and Holland 2022

Cambian requirements to travel to France and Holland 2022

Cambian requirements to travel to France and Holland 2022

For two years I have dedicated myself to bringing you all the information on health requirements of the most visited countries of the world and well, now, as I told you.

It is good news since we will talk about two European countries that are very visited and that in recent days have facilitated travel and I am going to start with the topic of the Netherlands, which some place as Holland, but well, officially, countries low would be the name.

It is that it went from being one of the strictest nations to suddenly freeing the issue of travel and if you are traveling from one of the countries of the European Union or associated countries such as the case of Switzerland.

Entry Requirement

They are no longer going to ask you for any entry requirement very similar to the situation we have seen in denmark which is already operating like this so suddenly i travel from frank spain to italy because i am making a euro tree no matter what Nationality.

I will no longer have any travel requirements for my vaccinations, tests or quarantines now if I am traveling from a country outside the European Union but suddenly I have permanent residence or you are a national of one of the countries of the European Union that uses dual nationality.

As is the case with many of the followers of this channel, who may be from Latin America but also have an Italian or French passport, in this case it is no longer Or would they need to present any travel requirements when addressing logically .

Travel Requirement

The health requirements will remain for those who are not residents of these countries or nationals and who are looking to travel to the Netherlands from their countries, such as a Mexican who is traveling from mexico to holland .

It is going to be necessary to travel vaccinated but this is going to be the only travel requirement necessary to enter this country the tests have already been eliminated the quarantines it is still recommended that you take a test upon your arrival but already.

It is not mandatory now what vaccines are approved to leave the netherlands well on the screen you are seeing it basically it is made up of the list of vaccines approved by the who so if we will find some that are not approved by the ema as if they were not.

The First Vaccination Cycle

If they were Novak but at the moment neither sputnik nor tiring appears yet as if it already happens with other countries of the European union so This to consider it is also important that you know that if 270 days have already passed since you completed the first vaccination cycle.

If it is necessary to take a booster and well basically I give you the example of someone who completed his two Astrazeneca vaccines if 270 days have already passed there A booster would be needed, not necessarily with Astrazeneca or fighter or modern ones.

As it happens in the case of France, which gives us some specific data on accepted vaccines, here it cannot be any of the accepted ones, but if it is required, and I am referring to the first cycle of vaccination complete and not two doses since they consider .

The Experience Of The Trip

Vaccines like Johnson would only need one in addition to having the accepted vaccines and in due time it is important to have a valid vaccination certificate and here is good news since it is accepted in seven languages .

These include Portuguese, English and Spanish so if he goes with Aarón in the USA or maybe in some Latin country American where Spanish or Portuguese is spoken, their certificates will be valid without the need for translation and, well, about the experience of the trip.

If you should also know that as of March 23, as I told you the day, I no longer know You will need a health pass to enter some establishments, as has been requested, and even the use of masks even on public transport will remain optional.

The Case Of Mexico

You can see that this is quite free for those who want to know more details, they already know these videos. They are accompanied by written versions on my website Mundo dotcom and there you can find all the links so you can confirm this information .

There is a very useful page where you can put the country you are traveling from and thus they give you the factual requirements on the screen they are looking at the case of Mexico where well it confirms that you can travel as long as you are fully vaccinated.

If you are not a resident and your reason for traveling is not essential and finally do not forget that only in these videos I focus on health requirements, the migratory ones continue to maintain, that is, the passport, proof of sufficient income for your trip as well as accommodation and others that these are requested.

Important For Trips Entry Requirement

The highly requested ones that there were videos on the channel but definitely everything has changed a lot in recent weeks and the first thing they have what to know is that as of March 14 the health pass disappears to enter certain stable foundations such as restaurants or museums in this country .

This really became very important for trips since although having a sanitary pass as such was not an entry requirement and when wanting to do tourism it became something important and since foreign vaccination certificates were always accepted in some cases.

It was becoming a nightmare to get it so know that this will no longer be needed when traveling to France and only the entry requirements will be there, which were the ones we already knew about but that also changed in recent weeks since France since it began its reopening basically organized.

The List Of Green Countries

The world in colors and depending on the color you were in it was from the entry requirements to having five colors but currently everything is made easier since the world is classified only in two colors green countries and orange countries .

Would be considered those of risk and good now none of them are considered high- risk, that’s why we’re just going to stick with those two classifications and start with the list of green countries, here basically, if you’re fully vaccinated.

You won’t need to take more than your certificate and this will be enough to board There will be no need for a test on the plane, as happened in a few months.