Arrive in Italy and these are the travel requirements

Arrive in Italy and these are the travel requirements

Arrive in Italy and these are the travel requirements

I have given myself the task of telling you how my entry to different countries like Spain or France has been of which they already have a video but today we are going with Italy and well I told you from the beginning that if it is possible to visit Italy and nationality it is not going to be important .

The important thing is going to be your travel history and it is that Italy has withdrawn from the European union and has decided to make its own list of safe and not so safe countries and on that is that you can enter the country or not and basically this list is made up of the Countries.

The are part of the European union and they are seeing on screen which ones are currently in it in how they can see on screen on the same website of the ministry of health it is said that tourism is allowed for those who have been 14 days before entering Italy in any of these territories are on the list .

New Requirements To Travel

It is very important to review this to see if we could get to enter the link I am going to leave you a complete guide of the new requirements to travel to Italy along with links to websites officials where they may be verifying the list of safe countries as well as the list of which would be precisely

From which you could not travel unless it is an essential reason and also you want If you want to see those details it will be available but you already know that I focus on tourism so if you want to go as a traveler you already know 14 days traveling from a safe country and to this we are going to add other requirements such as the famous

Digital passport of the European Union is that they will really only be able to access those who have been vaccinated within the European Union and that it is in a certain way unified and that would be one of the easiest ways to enter but if you do not have it you could also get to present a vaccination certificate Italy considers valid has been given to me.


the experience of other travelers who have been entering Italy in recent days I can confirm that the certificate issued by the Mexican government as well as the one that some have also obtained through the French government or the famous little card from the US CDC, which is what they gave to those who were vaccinated there,

They are valid as proof of vaccination and only it is important to verify that your vaccine is approved and on the screen you are seeing which ones are currently approved by Italy important the certificate must be available in English Italian Spanish or French .

if you suddenly wonder what happens if my certificate is not in one of these languages if there is an error and there ore I cannot present it well vaccination is one of the alternatives for e try since it comes from a safe country but it may also be that it is an antigen test or a PCR test so how do you see it.

The First Step To Verify

There are options and again for those who doubt that this information is accurate on the screen, they are seeing a screenshot of the official website of the Italian Ministry of Health where these requirements come from and they can verify so far the theory but how was the practice .

I prepared for this trip the first thing is that the Italian government has set up a website where you can fill out a very simple form where they give data such as your travel history if you are national of some country of the European Union or of Italy itself if you have a family and based on that you tell yourself

If you can travel and with what requirements and well this form here is appearing the address I will also leave it available and there it would be the first step to verify if you can enter in my case if I could enter the country and he told me that the requirements are the same as I have already told them.

Vaccination Certificate

They would be the loc form authorization as well as a PCR test of antigens or a vaccination certificate that was accepted by the Italian government in the case of all of us who do not have the famous European Union passport on the CDC cards as well as the vaccination certificate from Mexico

Other countries are being accepted, so that would be your equivalent and with what I would present you at the airport without the need to add evidence in these cases that you are already traveling from the European Union, as was my case,.

It is important in my travel history I was already adding two countries of the European Union and this is possible for those who want to do a euro trip prior to their entry there is such and like adding their time in safe countries if they can be combined I went to the airport with my location form .

The Self-Declaration

I filled out in something like 10 minutes is quite simple as well as a vaccination certificate and therefore there was no need to PR You try because I already told you that those would be alternatives, however the airline never asked me for this famous QR code nor have they asked me at any time in fact to check-in the airline asked me for the self-declaration which is supposed to be the way old .

it is also still accepted by some in my case I traveled with Ita which would be the new Alitalia and with that is what the passengers were requesting and it could even be filled out in a very simple physical way because this self- declaration is much simpler than the form of location here it is simply one hits the one in which they reach your name you declare that you do not have a disease.

You have been vaccinated or that you have some test and that is enough so this is even shorter so that some are surprised that they are not they asked for the form it is because they are some airlines still using the old system as I had to document the check-in I did it online and automatically.

At The Madrid Airport

I did not go through the security filters from the Barcelona airport at any time I went through any check-up nor at the time of my arrival in Italy I arrived at the Rome airport and there I did see that there were some health controls.

The passengers arriving from countries of the they didn’t have to go through any of the European union so I didn’t have to go through any checks like what happened to me at the Madrid airport- for example also traveling from the same European union where they have made me go through checks .

What I say on my forms They have asked me to prove it with papers, so what I want to say is that the controls are very variable in each country and sometimes they even change at the airports, what I want to say is that the controls are very important.